Thursday, April 16, 2015

STOLEN CARDS - Please Be On The Lookout

I read about this a couple days ago and feel the need to get the word out.

Recently, a collector who is a member of Hobby Insider (the boards I frequent) announced that he had some cards stolen while they were in transit to his house.

He purchased the lot on ebay from a very reputable seller and had the cards shipped as a group in one envelope.

The envelope arrived with a slit on one side and the cards removed.  A sticker was on the envelope stating that it was received without contents and received damaged.

Please be on the lookout for these eleven cards.

They are from the 2006/07 Between The Pipes product and the collector has spent many years slowly building a master set.

The cards were being shipped from Ontario to Michigan.  With a Toronto Expo just a couple weeks away it might be a scenario where they appear and looking to be sold quick - and cheap.

Some of these cards might not be of the rare variety, but in a lot of 11...will be easy to pick out.  And there are a couple that have very distinguishable patches (the Bryzgalov and Gerber especially).

I'm hoping that there will be a happy ending to this situation as I have dealt with this individual in the past and he is a top notch trader.

If you do see these cards and don't know who to contact.....feel free to send me a comment.  I can forward the information.

Thanks for your time.

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