Saturday, May 16, 2015

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - A Pair With Some Pop

About a month ago I was observing some of the new Linden offerings in Upper Deck Ice.  Specifically the Glacial Graphs trio of cards.  I was quite excited to start the chase for these three autos.

And while the blue base version has been here and there, I haven't really even taken a sniff of them yet hoping that I'll find one locally.  The yellow and black variations have shown up on the secondary market, but it seems as though many sellers want to impress the Linden Tax on these cards.

After all.....they're clear plastic so they must demand a premium.

What started as an exciting adventure quickly turned into a sit-and-wait game.  I've become a patient man in my old age.  I can wait (most of the time).

I did see one of the black parallels /10 hit ebay with a low starting bid.  I kept a close eye on it but decided not to chase it.  I was more curious to see what the end price would be.

I was a little surprised that it finished so low (about $30-40 less than I anticipated).  Of course, the next two or three to hit the open market were slapped with high Buy It Now prices.

No thanks.

I made (what I considered to be) a very fair offer and was quickly shot down.  I was told that I should have bid on the last one since it went so low.

So I continued to wait.

Until last weekend and the Toronto Expo where I unknowingly had a couple people on the lookout for me.  I received a text late in the day Sunday asking if I'd be interested in this card...

Uh.....yeah.  How much?

Well, the price was not terrible, but still higher than I wanted to spend.  I countered with (again what I considered to be) a fair price but the seller wanted just a little more.

I bit and bought.

Picking the card up at last week's trade night made me happy with the purchase.  It's a really solid signature and I was right....the scans do not do the card justice.  It looks great in person.

The funniest part....this is the same copy as the guy who snubbed my offer on ebay.  In the end, it was a compromise on both sides.

But that was not the only Linden to cross my path on trade night.

I had almost forgotten about a Linden card I was told about months ago.  I knew the card the collector was talking about (and I did need it), he just kept forgetting to bring it.  Until now.

This 2014/15 Trilogy Signature Pucks card is very reminiscent of the previous year's copy, just a color change in the background really.

But hand-numbered to 15 makes it a tough find.  And it does meet the minimum requirements of my Linden collection.  The guy pictured....that's Linden.

So a good ol' fashioned trade occurred.  I was able to part with a few cards that have been sitting in the trade box for a while now and walk away with this....kind of off-angle auto.

There.  That's better.  Too bad I couldn't do that with the puck for real.  Only in the world of Photoshop can I fix a card that quickly.

Two great cards in one evening.  I'm sure there's a word for that.

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