Monday, May 25, 2015

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - A Three'Fer At The Show

While it's still been a slow go over the 2015 calendar year, I've been pleased with the pickups I've made (and more impressed with the Linden's I've passed on).

The big Toronto Expo is about a month past and even though I wasn't able to attend, I did manage to snag a great looking card for the collection.  Trade nights have been quiet for the most part, but do occasionally lend a nice surprise.

And I can now say that the monthly card show has proven to be fruitful for my Linden collection (something that was very "hit or miss" so far this year).  A couple weeks ago I was able to grab three.....count 'em - THREE new pc cards.

2014/15 Upper Deck Trilogy
#133 Ice Scripts

This hard signed Ice Scripts autograph is a solid addition to the signatures housed in my collection.  I do like the clear cards (be it the Ice Scripts or Glacial Graphs) so long as the auto is not faint or smudged.

I prefer the card design on this year's offering over the 13/14 card, but like the more full-body shot on the prior.

This card was an addition to the main pickup from the show....a card that made me cut short a "parade of garage sale day" with my niece and nephew (to be was raining and we were about done anyways).

2014/15 Upper Deck Masterpieces
#133 Black Framed Memorabilia Stick  /35

When fellow blogger Captain Canuck fired off a photo of this find asking if I needed it, I was already doing the math in my head on what to offer the seller.  A quick drive over to the show and I saw the great looking card first hand.

For a memorabilia window so small, Upper Deck did a nice job with their sticks and patches, maximizing the "wow" factor.

With no completed sales on ebay (the card was that new on the market), I gave it my best guess and made what I felt was a fair offer....and still think so.

I really like the wear on the stick piece and am thrilled to cross off the toughest card from the product release (just 35 copies).

2014/15 Upper Deck Masterpieces
#133 Memorabilia Jersey

While I was finalizing the transaction of the two cards shown above, another seller popped by and flashed this card in my face.  I knew he had it as I saw him pull it during his box breaks earlier in the week.

I predicted correctly in what I thought the seller would be looking to get and when I kind of stalled on it he lowered the price.  While it was still a little higher than I would have eventually spent, the seller has kept me in mind on more than one occasion and he does price his cards fairly.  In this instance, he got a few extra bucks off of me due to the newness of the product.

At the end of the day, it wasn't enough to raise a stink over and I do like that it's a non-white jersey piece.

So with that, it was one of my more successful card show trips in a while. And I didn't even plan on attending.  Fancy that.

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