Saturday, August 22, 2015

OUTSIDE THE BOX - One Hall Of A Cool Gift

Just got back from my week-long golf trip to British Columbia.  Six rounds in four days......and while it was a ton of fun (and I played some of my best BC golf ever - I'm done with whacking the little white ball around for a while.

I've got a couple new Linden adds that I'll show off later in the week.  Instead, I thought I'd share a very cool gift that came in a recent package.

Five years ago (yes....5), I posted about a great pack ripping evening with my niece.  She had the magic touch when it came to landing the big Upper Deck Young Gun in my $1 packs.  I still remember that moment quite well.  It's one of the few times my niece has dipped her toe into my card collecting hobby, and for just a little while she got to experience the thrill of pulling a solid hit.

That card was eventually parlayed into a tough '1 vs. 100' serial number (I think it was the /8 if I remember correctly).  But every time I see a Taylor Hall YG, I am reminded of that pack rip.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I received a package from a fellow Linden collector (and part-time US auction bidder for me....keeps the cost of shipping way down).  He shipped over some great Oscar Gamble cards for my growing collection, some items for other local collectors, and a very cool gift.....for my niece.

When I first saw the card, I thought of her, but I didn't realize that I had received the card for that reason.  I thought it was going to someone else.  Until I asked.

Turns out this was a card he picked up on the cheap and thought my niece would get a kick out of it.  I know she will.  We'll both have a good laugh over the memory.

I've even got an extra card stand that'll go along with it.  I can only imagine what her friends might say when they see it out on her shelf - proudly displayed for all to see (She'll display it right???  Hockey cards are cool if you're a high school girl???).

I'll be seeing her tomorrow and am anxious to see her face when she sees the Hall.

Thanks Kevin for the great gift.  You've got a pretty darn good memory.

And I do too.

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