Tuesday, September 22, 2015

VOICES OF THE GAME - Mike Lange And Company

One of the benefits of a massive loonie table at the card show is that you never know what you might find.  Case in point, I added three new cards to my 'Voices Of The Game' collection.

I work in the sports media industry and I've always enjoyed good broadcasting and good commentary.  My dream job would be to work for the NHL as an editor, building award-winning documentaries about anything and everything hockey.

So when Panini introduced the Voices Of The Game autographed cards a number of years ago, I thought they were pretty neat.  It took me a few years before I stumbled on the Dick Irvin sig that started it all, but better late than never.

Now I've seen a number of these inserts sitting on tables and posted online, but really, I'm just looking to land a card here and there when the price is stupidly low.  Just for fun.

I mentioned that loonie table right?

Well scratch my back with a hacksaw!

Mike Lange will be forever known for his "Lange-isms" as they're called on the back of this card with the all-time great "Beat him like a rented mule" leading the charge.

I've never really taken a close look at the checklists to any of these sets, but in my eyes, this Lange is one of the must-haves for any broadcasting signature product.

And at just a single (Canadian) dollar, it was yet another no-brainer.  In fact, I snagged both copies I found that day.

But that's not all.  This Randy Moller card is.....Mollery.

What can I say, I don't listen to Florida games and so I didn't even know he was a broadcaster.

But points to me for knowing that he did play in the NHL in the 80's (Quebec I believe).  So there's that.

But that's about it.

Joe Beninati.

I might have overpaid on this one.

Three more autos for the collection and I've almost doubled the size of this project in one short, inexpensive day.

Current Collection - 7 cards

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