Thursday, July 14, 2016

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - A Pair Of Ultimates

Hey everyone!!  How goes?  Work has finally cooled down for me and I'm getting back into a bit of a normal routine.  Still busy, but not crazy long days anymore.

It's been pretty quiet on the card front.  A couple things I'd like to share though.

First, an unfortunate lost card callout (they do happen).

2015/16 Leaf/ITG Stickwork
Tape Job Gold 5/5   (LOST)

This card was bought by me on eBay back at the end of May.  Sadly it has not arrived yet.  The seller and I have communicated a number of times and they are super to work with.  As bummed as I am that this card is lost, I'm thrilled to know that there are sellers out there who look to work WITH the buyer when crap hits the fan.

Just a heads up in case anyone happens to stumble across it.  It was coming from Winnipeg to Calgary.  Lost in transit.

Second, I read a cool article written by Trevor back in his rookie year.  A fun read.

I enjoyed hearing about the preseason game in Duncan, BC and it reminded me of the infamous #49 jersey (the number he wore as a rookie during the preseason).  I did a quick Google search and discovered this...

What a great pic.  Never seen it before.  I might just have to see how much one of these go for.  Would surely look great signed.

Lastly, let's take a look at a pair of Linden cards that have found their way into my collection.

These Leaf Ultimate Signature cards are nice but would be a heck of a lot nicer if they were hard-signed.  Not sure how they determine which ones get the sticker treatment and which ones don't (he has both in different products).

The sticker just detracts from the whole vibe for me which is why I decided I wouldn't fork out too much for these tough parallels.

A local collector had one of these at the monthly show and asked if I was interested.  At the time I was (since I didn't have this one).  I asked how much and sadly the asking price was way too much.  I made what I thought was a fair offer and he declined.

Good thing in the end as I bought this copy for half the price I offered the guy at the show.  She went cheap.....especially for a card /9.

Why did I offer the price I did at the time?

Because I had bought the /3 version recently (for a good price IMO) and refused to pay more for the /9 version.

These are cards that are nice to knock off the checklist but are in no way "must haves".  I only chased them because I got them for great prices.

I kind of have a list of those cards that I am not chasing (Vault) and those that I am likely not to chase unless the price is really good.  There are a handful of cards that I've got an eagle eye out for and those are the most desirable at this time.  Things like some older issue stuff, hard-signed autos and unique or landmark cards in the Linden world.

Not too many new releases with Linden out there (which suits me just fine).  I'm happy to drift through the summer with minimal card purchases.  I have snagged some COMC stuff (and even signed up for it myself....yes, I caved) and am excited to add some fun items for other non-Linden projects.

But that's for another day.

Hope you're enjoying summer.

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