Sunday, September 25, 2016

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - I'm An Idiot...Redux

I'll begin by saying that I'm an idiot.  I've displayed that trait so brilliantly in the past.

Case in point, my wonderful Upper Deck jersey card fiasco.  Good times.

Well, I'm here to say that I've outdone myself and I have nothing left to do except share my glorious stupidity.

It was just back in March that I was oh so excited to share my latest and greatest Linden pickup.

A gorgeous black jersey square and a stunning sticker auto on some shiny gold foil of a card. logos please as we are not allowed to use them.  And just for fun, let's number this bad boy to just 15 copies.

Like I said.....stunning.

Well I must have liked it so much that not 3 months later I decided that I must have another.

Humph!!  The silliest thing (other than me buying 2 copies of a card /15) is that I had no idea I'd done it until a couple nights ago.  I was doing some sorting and found both copies sitting almost one on top of the other.

Did I mention that I'm an idiot?

So do I keep the 04/15....dubbed "The Original" or do I swap it out with the 05/15...dubbed "The Upgrade"?  Can I return both copies and just go back to bed?  Why do I have a checklist if I can't seem to look at it when the time comes know...look at it?  Just some of the many burning questions that have developed as a result of this "happy accident".

I even did a quick history search on eBay.  Yup, I bought both of them....fair and square.  I'm glad to say that I paid less (albeit slightly) for the second copy than I did the first.  Small.....SMALL....REAL SMALL consolation.

So.......anyone need a beautiful example of a card /15?

Mental note....update your master checklist and LOOK AT IT before you buy any cards.  I don't need to be building a secondary Linden collection.

Hoo boy.


  1. Buying a card that you already had does not make you an idiot. Absent minded maybe........ Oh wait, we've already been done this road before. Maybe try and chase down the other 13 you need? If you decide not to go that route and are only going to keep one of them, you should keep the 5/15. Why you ask? It's one of the greatest songs by The Who.

    1. Yeah...first time thru I can give myself a bit of a pass. Second time...not so much.

      Good comment on which one to keep.