Monday, September 26, 2016

RAISE THE CUP - Worst Card Design Ever

I hate to say that I've let my 'Raise The Cup' project get a little disorganized.  Part of what I wanted this blog to be way back in the day was a vehicle for me to become a little more in check with what I'm collecting, where things are and what I actually have in my various pcs.

One of the things I'm determined to do before the end of the year is really get my card collections in order.  Get the closet dialled and shed some of the extra base and unwanted (and untraceable) cards out of the way.

But I was in a scanning mood a few days back and I saw a number of Cup raisers that just screamed to be entered into the digital world.

And by screaming...I mean "What the heck is this crap??!!!"

I can easily say that these 15/16 SP Authentic All-Time Moments cards are some of the worst design layouts I've ever laid eyes on.

I don't know about you, but I would balk at slapping a big sheet of black over nearly half of the card.  I can't believe that the designers at Upper Deck decided that sacrificing the photo was the best option so they could throw some text on the front of the card.

Nah.....I don't actually need to SEE Sakic and Roy (hey Bourque is in there too...I can see half his head).  You've so eloquently described the setting with your words.

It's abysmal.

This one is slightly.....SLIGHTLY better.  But still - one heck of an ugly card.

And what is with the border?  I was trying to figure out if there was a printing error along the bottom.  Was my scanner already crapping out?'s supposed to look like that.  It's like a filmstrip.  Cuz, you know.....they're silver - right?

I almost don't want to include these into the project (and I guess I do have the ultimate say over that) but I think deep down I want to include them.  Just so I am reminded that a bad decision should never be justified.

They're so ugly that I've got to send them.....



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