Tuesday, December 13, 2016

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - A Little Overtime Gold

Just a handful of days left before I start my Christmas break and I think I have already mailed it in.  We've got just a couple loose ends to tidy up before the end of the week and I feel like leaving it until the later part of the schedule as opposed to dealing with it now.

Is that so wrong?

I'm just happy that I haven't been summoned to work some late nights or weekends as in past years.  Small victories.

I've been working on getting my computer nice and organized for the workout it's going to get over the next month.  You did not want to see what the desktop looked like a few days ago (icons everywhere).  Those who can't stand disorganization would have left the building.  But it's all fixed up now.  I've transferred all the stuff from my old hard drives and am currently in the process of getting all my music up to snuff (I'm still a CD guy...sue me).

Coming home today I noticed an envelope in the mailbox.  A plain white one.  Ugh.  I knew right away what was inside as I had recently won an eBay auction from a seller who lives in the same city as I do.  My guess is that the seller wanted to save a couple bucks and figured "what could happen?".  Well numbnutz my card could've become damaged (as has happened to me before).

But alas...all is well.  The card arrived all in good shape.

2016/17 Upper Deck Overtime
#47 Gold Foil Autograph

I was pleasantly surprised to see this beauty pop up late one night when I just happened to be surfing.  It had a very nice BIN price (half of what I offered up on the previous copy I saw) and immediately hit the buy button.

While there are no hard numbers on how many copies of the gold auto exist, I can safely say that finding this one for the price I did is about as good as I'm going to see it at.

It's a sticker auto but for some reason I'm not as annoyed by this one.  It has a nice aesthetic look to it. And with this pickup, I have already finished off the four card Overtime set.  The regular base, blue parallel, red /99 and the gold auto.

That's how a product chase should work folks.

Oh......I almost forgot.

I bought this too.

Early Christmas gift for me.

Jingle all the way indeed!!!!!



  1. That Overtime autograph is nice. Oh....then there's that other card. Seriously though, that is effen epic. It's sure one sweet looking card. Glad to see it stayed within your price range. Truly awesome! Congrats!

  2. negative feedback the sucker!

    and "I almost forgot"........ that's it???

    1. Numbnutz and I had a good back and forth on eBay messaging tonight (for reals). My respectful query was met with a minor spaz and heckle but I quickly quelled that by staying cool. I think I may have gotten through in the sense that I said a card of that price is not a cheap card (seller ships cheaper cards in PWEs) and the $4 for shipping had me assuming a bubble envelope.

      Tough to say what I will give as feedback. The card did arrive ok and the communication (eventually) was productive. But still.....it's a PWE. I'm surprised after all these years that people still want to shortcut it.

      C'est la vie.

    2. And do I need to say anything more about the Property Of??

      I think not. :)