Sunday, December 11, 2016

CUSTOM CREATIONS - Mondo Movie Poster Cards

About a month ago I went to see a fun documentary at a local film festival.  It was a movie about movie posters.  Now I like a good movie and I enjoy a good movie poster, but I think it was the collector in me who wanted to check out this flick.

'24x36' is a film that touches on the history of the movie poster, but mainly focuses on the recent interest/resurgence of alternative movie posters - Mondo movie posters.

Check out the trailer here.

I didn't even get home from watching the movie and already my mind was racing.  I'd love to own a poster at some point...but which one??  Is there a catalogue of all the posters ever done?

And then it hits.....

Maybe I should make some Mondo movie poster cards.  After all, the movie poster (I think) works quite well as a trading card.

So I did some mockups.....wanna see???

I knew that you would.

So I printed out and assembled the first three cards of my eventual set (I think I could do easily 200 cards).  I only did a few cards as I wanted to make sure everything looked good (color, framing, front vs. back, etc.).  I'm glad I did because I do feel like I'll be doing some minor tweaks.

The poster is a little too tight to the edge for my liking....but it's close.  I really like the way the poster turned out and printed quite nicely on the card.  Good detail....even some of the bottom text (the scan does not do it justice).

Here is the back I'm going with.  I'm going simple and allowing for some information on the poster/artist to be included (the information digger in me will enjoy this part of the process).

As mentioned, I've assembled three cards so far and am really optimistic with how this project will turn out.

I really like the looks of many of the Mondo movie posters I've seen so far.  When I was watching the documentary I couldn't help but seeing some of the designs before....but I wasn't sure where.  Then they started talking about the Mondo X Steelbook Collection blu-rays.  Noice!!!

I've been thinking a lot about Mondo posters since.  I watched as their Black Friday sale went off like a gong show.  Hundreds of posters in their archive were put back on the site for sale and they went lightning quick.

I wonder how many of them then saw their way over to eBay?  There's a massive secondary market and (like some higher-end hockey cards) the flipping can get pretty pricey.

For me though, I think I'll get great enjoyment out of building this custom set.  There are some terrific movies depicted in some of these pieces of art (like the classic Big Trouble In Little China).  Beautiful stuff!!  The artist on this one is Tyler Stout.  He has a very distinct style and if you check out his work you will see what I mean.

There is a second reason why I want to do these custom cards.

This is my final week of work before a three week holiday break.  I have had a few custom projects on the plate for a while (some for far too long).  My goal is to put a dent into them....if not complete them all.

It's one of my many flaws.....I'm a procrastinator.

But I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I do.  I'll show off a few more when I get to printing them up.


  1. pretty cool... but like any good set, it needs an insert to chase. Maybe 1/1 posters done by yourself?
    can't wait to see them in person

    1. Many of the posters have variants. I think it'll be a natural fit.