Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Another exciting addition from my COMC purchase recently went towards my newest project - Upper Deck Premier Signature Champions.

For those who have followed my blog for years, you will know that I love my cards that have photos of Stanley Cup raisers on them.  To see my terrific concept realized as a hard-signed autograph set really does my heart good.

They are great looking cards and the checklist is pretty solid too.  It didn't take much thought to start chasing the set.

So let's see what the newest add looks like.

2014/15 Upper Deck Premier
Signature Champions
#SC-MF Marc-Andre Fleury  /99

What a fantastic photo.  This is the perfect example of what makes a set like this work.  Fleury is in absolute la-la land after winning the Stanley Cup and his facial expression is spectacular as he hoists that Cup.

I've always enjoyed Fleury's signature too.  It's not "legible" in the sense that guys from the 60's and 70's are, but it's instantly recognizable and polished...albeit a little messy.

Again, it's a hard-signed auto and that is just the cherry on top of this cake.  A great card.

This one is numbered to 99 and that just leaves me with 3 more cards to chase at that level.  After that, the pursuit will become a little more difficult.  With cards limited to 50, 25 and even 10, finishing off this set might take a while.  But I'm in no rush.

And if building this set wasn't enough, Why not do it all over again after that.

It seems Upper Deck liked my idea their concept so much that they are doing it again for the 2015/16 Premier product.

This Brian Leetch offering is just an example of what the card looks like and what I'll be up against (I've already decided I'm chasing this set too).

UD has gone with a horizontal design this year, but the concept is identical.  Guys raising the Cup, a hard-signed signature and a serial number.  This time though, all cards will be numbered to 49.

In looking at the checklist (and some of the photos used) it is a little disappointing at the redundancy from one year to the next (Eric Staal comes to mind), but it's still a nice looking set.

I've already seen a couple Joe Sakic cards go for less than $25.  That's right....a hard-signed Joe Sakic auto for less than $25.  Now THAT has me excited.

So while I've added one card to the collection, I can add 18 more to the wantlist.

Current Collection - 7 of 42  ( 17%)

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