Monday, March 6, 2017

LINDEN uh.....MINI FIGURE OF THE WEEK - Card Show Gold!!!

So the big card show in town happened this past weekend and I was rarin' to go.  I was excited to see some of the guys that I've come to know over my many years of collecting and check out some of the dealers who have come in from out of's always nice to see some new stuff on tables.

The show was great.  A good number of tables, decent variety, some good deals to be had and just a really positive vibe.  A great way to kill and afternoon.

I'll spend some time sharing some of my finds over the next few posts but there were two things that were the main takeaways from the show.

First.....I seem to have much better luck finding stuff for other people.  A diehard Sedin collector (who has a pretty tiny wantlist) has been a great friend to me in this hobby.  Enthusiastic about collecting, selfless and genuine.  I've made a point to keep an eye out for him at the local shows here and couldn't believe when I found not one...but two cards on his wantlist.  An Artifacts dual stick /8 and an UD Contours gold /10.  Unbelievable.  I can't wait to send them his way.

Second.....the price of an item is absolutely not related in any way, shape or form to the enjoyment one can get from it.

Case in point.....

I am THRILLED to have found this sitting in a big Rubbermaid container on the ground to the side of a guy's table.

I was just minding my own business and noticed one of these mini McFarlane dual cases.  Ryan Smyth and Mark....ugh Messier.  I decided to take a closer look as they are not that easy to find.

I noticed the small 16 on the sleeve of another figure down at the bottom of the bin.  I crossed my fingers as I pulled the package out.

I couldn't believe it.

Now, I already have one in my collection (and I remember paying a stupid amount - the shipping from the States was gross) but had to ask what the asking price was on this one.

"Four bucks".

I couldn't get the money out of my pocket fast enough.

Why did I want this mini figure so badly?

So I could do this.

All of my other Linden McFarlanes are still nicely in their cases (except the one exclusive to the Canucks store....I bought two when I went to Linden's jersey retirement ceremony and opened one).  I was like a little kid as I tore into this one.

I must say, I'm really impressed with the way these look.  Pretty good detail.

Ok.....maybe the face needs a little bit of work, but the logos, numbers, stick and "wrinkles" all really make this little dude come to life.

The back of his jersey looks equally impressive.  The name and number just feel right.

I can't wait to take this one to bugged again about my hobby enjoyment, and add this to my little shrine on my shelf.  It'll sit from it's plastic case.

Four bucks well spent in my opinion.


  1. There's nothing better than finding a cheap gem that really makes your day, congrats! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your card show haul.

  2. Hey Brett, it's Duff from Bleedin' Brown and Gold. I'll definitely send you those beer coasters, put it'll take a wee bit before I find them, since they were tossed into a box and into storage when me moved. My e-mail is mcduff36 at msn dot com.