Sunday, March 5, 2017

MY COLLECTION - More Medicine Hat Tigers Pucks

I've been sitting here tonight watching Hometown Hockey on Sportsnet...the Canucks vs. the Ducks.  They are set up in Medicine Hat, Alberta - home of the Tigers (and Trevor Linden) and so my interest in the show was definitely a little higher than normal.

I had to PVR the pregame as I was at the Flames afternoon tilt against the Islanders but have watched both intermissions where Trev's parents came out (and maybe embarrassed their son a bit) and featured play-by-play legend Bob Ridley.  I haven't seen so much 80's Tigers Cooperalls in a long, long time.  Great stuff.

Made me want to share the rest of my antique show find from a couple weeks ago.

Back in December I hit gold at an antique show.  In addition to a vintage hockey colouring book and scrapbook I found a couple nice Medicine Hat Tigers pucks from the Linden/Memorial Cup era.  I was on cloud nine.

So you could only imagine my reaction when I went to the most recent antique sale and found these...

Holy cow.........what the heck???!!!!!

My go to when I get to this show is the back corner and the sports guy.  He tends to have some goodies.  And this time it was hockey pucks - lots of them.  He had 70's era game pucks with logos from the Leafs, Blues, Penguins, Bruins, Barons (oh yeah) just to name a few.

He must have had about 40 or so pucks just overflowing a box on the table and as I was digging the smile on my face just got bigger.

Five Medicine Hat Tigers pucks.  Sure, I have one of them already...but the condition pales in comparison to these.  It was a no brainer for me to ask prices.  He fired off a fair number and I guess my hesitation  made him balk.  He dropped his offer by ten bucks and we had ourselves a deal.

Now......what the heck era is that gem in the upper left?  That one has me super curious.

I'm definitely going to have to get one of these signed in the future.

I feel like I'm slowly building a bit of a Medicine Hat Tigers collection.  I like that.

Now....if I could just find a late 80's era jersey.  :)


  1. Do you have a need (or have) list of Linden items? I found a somewhat oddball item yesterday.


    1. Hey Kin.

      I do. But it's more of a master list that I highlight when I get the card.

      Whatcha got? :)

  2. I've picked up some speed on my puck collection. I'm having some trouble finding some that I'm looking for though. Are there any decent places to go for hard to find pucks??

    1. Not to my knowledge. I'm not a puck collector so I don't normally seek them out. These ones just happened to "land at my feet" and I took advantage of the situation.

      That said, I found that the last antique show that I went to had a table with that might be a spot to try.

      Best of luck.

  3. Are you willing to sell any of your Medicine Hat Tigers pucks? If so please email me at

    1. Hello. Thanks for reaching out. Not looking to move any of the pucks at this time. Sorry.