Friday, March 10, 2017

RAISE THE CUP - 2007 Ducks Authentic Moment

Another benefit to hunting and digging through numerous boxes looking for tend to find stuff you weren't even looking for.

In fact, I can't even claim to have found this card in particular.

Leave it to fellow collector, digger and frugal-minded collector Captain Canuck for finding this little offering for me.

Great eye!  This is a super shot of the "Big Three"??? posing for Polaroids after their big win in 2007.  Getzlaf, Perry and........some other guy.  Oh yeah - Dustin Penner.  Whatever happened to him?

Anyways, it was a solid pickup and I guess I have Captain Canuck to thank (although I'm sure I would've seen this one when I eventually went through that same was just inevitable).

Adding another card to the ever growing binder tonight and I had a chance to flip through the pages.  I like when a project such as this starts showing some teeth.  A fun, inexpensive collection.

And that's what the hobby is all about.

(oh......and helping people)

For the record, Dustin Penner - a TWO TIME Stanley Cup Champion....ugh - last played in the NHL in 2014 and was last seen being unceremoniously booted from TSN's Trade Deadline team after tweeting some "insensitive stuff".  I think we will leave things at that.  Yikes.

Current Collection - 156 cards


  1. Man I had forgotten all about Dustin Penner!

  2. One of the best cards out there, although I miiiiight be a tad bit biased. There's a version of this signed by Getzlaf and Perry that's on my cardboard bucket list.