Saturday, November 4, 2017

MY COLLECTION - Goalies, Goalies, Goalies

Cleaning more stuff off my desk today.  Saw a stack of goalie cards and a binder of older cards on the shelf beside.  Decided to pull the scanner out and have some fun.

Here are some of the tenders currently residing in my collection/tradebox (depends on who you ask).

This is about as old as I've got - if you don't count a couple of Parkies in my PC.

Love the vintage leather.

Lots to love about this one.

Great logo.  Great jersey.  Great leather.  Great wall.

And the card is in great condition to boot.

Always been a fan of Cesare and his awesome masks.  But here's one of him sans lid.

Is he even wearing equipment??

I'm a sucker for the Golden Seals logo.  And I'm a bigger sucker for this jersey.

We need more of these portrait shots on our cards eh?


Love, love, love this card.

Bunny on the verge of getting the net to himself in Montreal.

Whoops....not so fast.

Not the mask I think of when I hear Michel Larocque.

How cool are you when you're sporting a beard like that, have your mask tucked into the top of your pad and sport the double zero on your back?

John Davidson.  (just don't go looking at any 80's hockey blooper VHS tapes.....clearly not the same cool goalie).

The less popular Dryden in most people's eyes, but I have a special admiration for him.

He was the first goalie to introduce the (what is now commonplace) cage-mask combo style of goalie lid.

And look at those pads!!  They can't be regulation height?

My favourite Colorado Rockies goalie of all time (sorry Chico).

This is a great photo of him in net.  Looks like he knows what he's doing.

Anyone remember the story Don Cherry told about Hardy letting in three softies?  "Yahhh...Hat Treeck".


If the five hole is between your legs, what's the spot directly over the head called?  Definitely a weakness in Mario Lessard's game me thinks.

Some great crease action and again.....vintage leather.

I had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with Ed Staniowski about 15 years ago when he was in town for a 3-on-3 charity tournament.  He looked like he could beat the crap out of anyone and everyone in the building.  Dude is in shape!  But boy was he ever a nice guy.

I've got to dig up that interview one of these days.

What.  A.  Great.  Card.

My first ever NHL game I saw in person was the 1985 All-Star Game.  Yeah Gretzky, yeah, Kurri, yeah Bossy and Trottier.  Yeah rookie Lemieux.  But Lindbergh.....he was the star of the show for me.

He was so good.

Speaking of All-Star games.  Remember when John Garrett had to fill in for Richard Brodeur and nearly snagged MVP honours in 1983?  That was until the Great One potted four in the third to steal it away.

What's not to love about this card.

I felt bad about what I said you are in Devils gear.

He looks so odd.

I wish there were more cards of Murray Bannerman.  I wish that the card that were out there of Murray Bannerman were better.

This is an "action shot" in comparison to others.

Awesome.  Mask.

The Bandit!!  Looks like he got lessons from Mario Lessard.

And how about that killer red Titan goalie stick!!  He was probably the coolest kid on the block.

Masks started getting boring about now.

Hold on....spoke a little too soon.  Love the yellow version of this Kirk McLean lid.  That is a sweet setup.

So there you have it.  A little random goalie show & tell for no better reason than I wanted to.

Now.....back to my desk cleaning.


  1. What a post! Extremely jealous of the lead off card in particular!

  2. Your first hockey game was the 1985 NHL All-Star game? Talk about getting off to a fast start. That's pretty awesome. I've been watching hockey since the early 90's and have yet to attend an NHL All-Star game. Maybe one day it'll return to San Jose and I'll attend.

    As for the cards... I love seeing all of those brown leather goalie pads.

  3. a nice stack of randomness. I wonder how many kids of our generation are the hockey fans we are today because of those guys between the pipes back in the day?

    1. Goalies played a big part for me when I was a kid.

      Still do.

  4. What the heck is John Garrett doing in that pic??? Haha!

    I always loved the simplicity and design of the Ed Staniowski year of OPC. Changing the colour scheme of the card to match the team colours really looked sharp.

  5. Nice post and blog! A few random comments - you see Maniago with a black catching glove, first time I had seen a colored glove back in the day when all goalies had standard leather leg pads and gloves.


    You picked out a lot of things about John Davidson's card but didn't mention their radical jersey that only lasted 2 years because Ranger fans wanted their traditional look back. The style later adopted by the Winnipeg Jets.

    Dave Dryden had a style that would be condemned by any coach. One of the tenets taught in Goaltending 101 was to keep your stick on the ice at all times. There's a video on Youtube with Dryden and he's moving back and forth in the crease with his stick at an angle so that only the point of the heel is on or near the ice surface, only drops the whole stick blade down when the puck is being shot.