Saturday, January 12, 2019

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Actually, It's The Top Card From 2018

So, my lack of blogging in 2018 cost me sharing one of my top Linden pickups of the year.  So I thought I'd take a moment to show the #1 Trevor Linden acquisition of the past year.

It was the big show here in town (a once-a-year affair) and I always make a point of going - who doesn't love a card show.  I spent a good chunk of time checking out each table, seeing if they had anything Linden related.  Most know they keep stuff aside.  But I didn't find anything on my initial runthrough.

So I spent some time talking to the new vendors who set up for the first time at this show.  One person asked what I collect and I said "Trevor Linden.....die hard collector here".  He said that he had something for me and proceeded to drag out the biggest Rubbermaid container I have ever seen from under his table.

He was scrounging through various boxes and I started to think "What is this guy gonna pull out?"  Most times when a person says they have a Linden card, it ends up being a mid-range or low-end insert that really doesn't add up to much - especially since I've got most of those.

After a few minutes he says "You won't be disappointed."  Huh....either the means he has not sense of what Linden cards are out there, or he has a hidden gem.

He finally located the card and I could tell right away that it was a Mega Patch design.  I was pretty pumped.  But then he placed it on the table and my eyes grew tenfold.

2014/15 Upper Deck Premier
Mega Patch
#PMP-TL Shoulder Logo 1/3

This is no ordinary Mega Patch coming from the crest of the jersey.  This is a rare shoulder patch that I've not seen surface to date.

I tried my best to play it cool and asked what the price tag on it was.  He said he had never considered it until just right now.  He asked me to make an offer and after a couple moments I fired out a fair bid.  He said yes and I ran to the bank machine.

This was a terrific find - and I'm thrilled to land another in the world of Mega Patches.

I'm not holding outhouse of landing either of the other ones.  They've both surfaced and are out of my price range.  But I can do this....

...and honestly, that's good enough for me.

From a Trevor Linden standpoint, he only surfaced in six products during the 2017/18 season which didn't grow the checklist too much.  Maybe that's a sign that I'll be catching up on things as we move forward.  Not that I don't mind seeing him in new products, but I'd like to see the volume of his cards go down.  There is just too much stuff of his out there.  I can only imagine what it must be like for a player collector of say Martin Brodeur - or Wayne Gretzky.  Ouch.

T'was a good collecting year in 2018 for me and I hope that the new year brings me equally exciting cards.....and locally too.  I still can't believe I found this one at a show.


  1. Right place. Right time. Right offer. Talk about the hockey card gods smiling down on you. Congratulations! Beautiful card!

  2. Nice looking card, congrats on the pickup!