Thursday, May 20, 2021

WALLET CARD - Still Plugging Away With Oscar

As important as my Trevor Linden collection is to my hobby identity, a strong argument can be made that my Oscar Gamble collection is the most fun.

For those who know the story behind the birth of my Oscar Gamble PC (and why I call it 'Wallet Card'), you know that I can't not smile when I look through the great photos that adorn the various pieces of cardboard depicting his name.

His 1976 Topps Traded remains the GOAT of all baseball cards in my opinion. His master list of all cards out there is a very respectable (and tidy) 200 or so cards...many of which are base or inexpensive inserts and parallels.

I check for his cards almost as often as I do Linden, and although I don't find as many that I can cross off my list as rapidly, the excitement is just as high when I find one that I can land.

Recently, his offerings have consisted of buyback cards (seems Topps is always celebrating an anniversary of some sort). Most of the time, I've been able to snag the stamped offerings (a few have slipped through my fingers), and recently the cards have been of some of his earliest releases.

2021 Topps Heritage
#423 1972 50th Anniversary Buyback

I saw this copy pop up on eBay about a month back. I had an eagle eye on it hoping that I'd be able to grab it for a reasonable price. Sadly, it went for about 3 times as much as I wanted to pay. Such is life.

But I've said it many times before...and it rings true again - patience pays off.

Another one of the stamped buybacks hit the open market a little over a week ago and the auction ended for far less. A price I was happy to pay - especially since the shipping was from Canada (rare on my baseball pickups).

It was a prompt delivery and I couldn't be happier. I love the fact I can add to my Oscar Gamble collection.

This is the first buyback card featuring his 1972 release, so it made this pickup extra nice.

It's a great example of how an inexpensive card can be so rewarding to add to the collection. Not all cards need to be expensive to feel important in your collection.

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