Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Well, my two weeks off from work ends after tonight...and while I do feel a little relaxed from the hectic summer at the workplace, I can't help but feel disappointed that I have not accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked this past year...and over the past 2 weeks as well.

But I don't feel too bad for not taking on too much over the past number of days. Work took a big bite out of no apologies that I decided to basically sit "off the grid" for a few days.

But it's back at 'er I better post on the blog while I can.  Ha.

In all honesty, this post is one that I'm really excited to share. It's not just a mailday, but one from a fellow Linden collector. I've added four really nice cards to the PC. Let's take a look.

2019/20 Upper Deck Chronology Vol. II
#CA-TL 18/19 Diamond Relics Black Auto  /9

This is a stunner of a card in person. Beautiful design, great hard-signed signature and the diamond just provides that extra something. I love the design with the accented border and simple presentation. Clean and classy.

Numbered to just 9 copies, I knew this would be a big land to my collection.

2016/17 Upper Deck Premier
#47 Platinum Blue Spectrum Auto  /5

This card just shines...for reals. I love the blue punch that comes on the bottom part (and in the UD logo) as it just compliments the hard-signed auto perfectly. Another low print run card makes this a real find.

2017/18 Upper Deck Canadian Tire Team Canada
#99 Signatures Black  /5

Another tough card to land with just 5 copies out there, this Canadian Tire Team Canada card really brings a smile to my face. I am just enamored with anything and everything Linden Team Canada. To many, it was such a small part of Trev's playing career, but I think it's such a cool part of his hockey story.

2014/15 Upper Deck Premier
#PMP-TL Team Canada Mega Patch
Chest Logo  /27

Speaking of...this might be my favourite set build within my Linden collection. Mega Patch awesomeness x27. This final piece of the "Canada" at the bottom of the crest gives me 10 unique pieces of this jersey front. What's even more exciting is that it adds to the overall picture of pieces that have surfaced since this set was released 7 years ago (how time flies).

I absolutely love this updated image showcasing every piece that has popped up over time. Just six patches have yet to cross my eye path...only a matter of time. 

This Mega Patch card was the starting point for all four of these cards landing in my collection. I was excited to see it hit eBay but was equally as surprised since the seller was a Linden collector that I've known for quite some time. I instantly hit the Buy It Now and reached out to him to see if he had any other goodies that he was thinking of parting with. I was thrilled to see three more cards that caught my eye. What was even better....his asking price was almost bang on to what I was going to offer (great minds).

Thanks Elliot for the fantastic transaction. I am over the moon to add these cards. 

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