Sunday, October 24, 2021

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 2015/16 Leaf ITG Superlative Emblems

While a simple 30-year-old oddball card can get my enthusiasm and excitement brewing, there is something to be said for the "big ticket" cards that have been produced of my PC guy. They don't appear as often as a decade or so ago...but when they pop up - I pay attention.

And when the card sits at the right price...I get a little grin.

Case in point, this emblem piece...

2015/16 Leaf In The Game Superlative
#SE-20 Superlative Emblems  4/6

These jumbo patch cards definitely caught my interest when they first were released in 2015. They came on the heels of the wildly popular (to me) UD Mega Patch cards. These Leaf offerings included six unique emblem cards - that created some sort of collective patch. Definitely some of the nicer cards to come from Leaf at that time.

As mentioned, these bigger ticket cards raised my interest and over the years I've been able to land four of the six pieces (and knowing where that the other two have surfaced and are accounted for).

I think they create a pretty solid set. I should have repositioned the bottom two cards as they go together lengthwise as opposed to height. But I wanted to fit it all nicely into one photo for you guys.  :)

I didn't hesitate too much when snagging this most recent emblem card because I just haven't purchased as much for my Linden collection over the past couple of years. I guess I gave myself permission to splurge a little bit. That said, the price was more than reasonable and to land the last of the six that were unaccounted for...made it worth it.

I thought this would've been my biggest ticket card of the year...but it has recently been surpassed. I doubt it I will be able to share it before the end of the year (as I still need to have it shipped), but it could go down as one of the top cards I've purchased for my Linden PC in the past 5 years - easily.

Stay tuned.

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