Thursday, October 20, 2022

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Platinum Puzzler

One of the unexpected joys of my long-time player collecting journey has been the curating of my master checklist.

I know....who'd have thunk it?

For a few years now, I've pulled the foot off the gas in terms of PC pickups. I still check the online auctions numerous times a day, but the maildays are fewer and further between. I do see the master checklist building in size...but instead of getting frustrated by my apparent lack of progress - I actually enjoy seeing a complete list built and looked after.

So it really excites me when I can add a card to the list that I didn't know existed.

That happened recently.

One of the big PC accomplishments in my collection has been the pretty complete rainbow from 2000/01 Be A Players Signature Series.

In addition to the 2 auto cards (regular and gold), I have landed the base, parallels and as many show cards as I've ever seen.

But a new card has been (shockingly) added to the checklist...

2000/01 Be A Player Signature Series
#213 Platinum

Simply put...I've never seen a copy of this card before - and I've never had it on my master checklist until I picked it up.

I've got a couple platinum show cards from this product, but not a base parallel.

This is what the base looks like (on the left)...clearly a different looking card. There's no doubt that this is the platinum variation (vs. some sort of printing anomaly).

There's no numbering on the back to indicate scarcity, but as I mentioned, I've never seen a copy of this nor have heard of its existence in over 20 years of collecting Trev.

Here's the set of 5 with the emerald /5, sapphire /100 and ruby /200. A nice looking group.

I'll be honest, I was shocked to land the emerald a while back - a card that is notoriously difficult. But this platinum add is an even more exciting find.

Here's the whole family...all 19 of them (21 if you count the signature cards). This really is my favourite rainbow in my entire Linden collection.

Could there be other show card parallels? Absolutely. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 4 different cards from each show...but I've never come across any - and I've done my due diligence too.

I plan on reaching out to a couple of my fellow Linden collectors to see what kind of info they have on this new addition. They always have been a fantastic source of information.

Regardless, this new parallel (and even more completed rainbow) looks perfectly in its place in my collection.

Thrilled to add this one.

Have you ever landed a card for your PC that you never knew existed until the moment you bought it? What were your thoughts when that happened?


  1. I feel like I've come across cards for my collection that I didn't know existed... but it's usually discovered on other blogs (like this platinum parallel).

    Congratulations on adding one to your collection. That rainbow is gorgeous.

  2. That is really cool to see a card like that pop up for you! Love to see the older rainbows like this. It's even more impressive with all the show stamped cards.

    As far as my main PC, I've stumbled upon a couple Jimmy Howard cards I had never seen until I found and was buying them. One was a minor league jersey card and another was a card from a Russian IIHF set.