Sunday, January 15, 2023


Wrapped up my first week back at work and I'm more sure than ever - this year will be one of opportunity for me. I'm excited to be at a place that celebrates professional growth and quality collaboration. In just a few short months, I feel like I'm a contributor to the team dynamic and am quickly finding comfort and confidence in my role.

We've been learning a lot about AI generated text and imagery. It's a rapidly evolving world with regards to technology - and it is both mesmerizing and at times...intimidating.

I really enjoy the fact that I have this great card collecting hobby to pull me back into a room of familiarity. Yes, the sportscard world has certainly evolved too - especially over the past couple of years - but it still brings me to a level of calm and relaxation that I absolutely welcome.

A fairly quiet last couple weeks. I've got a COMC order on its that's exciting. I'm looking forward to adding to some of my side projects that have been quiet for the past while. I've also been working on a set-build that has been one of the more fun chases of the past few years. More on that over the next month.

Today, it's a single card that has come in - and finally gets crossed of the master list.

2021-22 O-Pee-Chee
#P-4 Trophy Winners  
Manufactured Patch

This is a card that has stymied me on more than one occasion. Super-happy to get this one finally in.

I had first won this card via ebay auction last summer. To my dismay, it was the rare bird that got lost in the mail. Unfortunate, but I was able to recoup my money. Another attempt came a couple months later but I managed to lose the auction at the last second...I should've bid my maximum. Instead, I got cheeky and bid just above the going rate. Bad strategy.

Patience did pay off as this one came up at the right price, ended with no disruptions and was mailed out promptly - and with good protection (I like well placed painters tape). Was exciting to open up the bubble envelope.

This card is one of the few manufactured patch cards that Linden has. I love the fact that it celebrates his 1997 King Clancy Memorial trophy win (awarded to the player who best shows leadership on the ice and humanitarian contributions off the ice). I've always admired Trevor's work in the community and his selfless approach to charity and giving back. 

I've always said, I loved watching him play during his career, but I feel he will have a bigger impact after his retirement.

I'm one who likes the manufactured patch...when it is for good reason. A solid concept can be elevated with manufactured patches. These trophy cards are a perfect example. Recently, SP Game Used came out with some manufactured patch cards (and yes, there is one of Trev) and while it's a nice looking piece of cardboard, it doesn't resonate quite as much. What I'd love to see is a set of manufactured patches that celebrates some of the special patches teams have worn over the years. 

Imagine a card celebrating the life of the great Johnny Bower - by having a manufactured patch similar to the ones that the players wore on their jerseys.

Or when Detroit honoured their beloved owner, Mike Ilitch after he had passed away.

The Leafs also donned a very special crown-capped maple leaf with the name Borje on it to show respect to the great Borje Salming.

I think a small card set inserted into the flagship product featuring beautiful, embroidered, manufactured patches of memorial or special patches worn by players would be pretty sweet. Heck, it could span across multiple products - or even build year after year. The possibilities are plentiful. 

I, for one, enjoy cards that have meaning behind them - stories. All great cards have a story. That's why I really like the latest add to my Linden collection.

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