Friday, April 19, 2024

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 23/24 Tim Horton's Greatest Duos

Happy Friday everyone. Here's a quick post on my most recent Trevor Linden pickup...a fun, inexpensive addition to the master collection. And one that's also unique to the PC.

Every April for the past decade, Tim Horton's has produced a basic hockey set that caters to all fans of the fastest game on ice - collectors or not. It's featured stars of that era and paid homage to superstars of the past. 

It is a wonderfully budget-friendly set to build, has great inserts, fantastic player selection and even provides some chase cards for those who want to go all in. Wildly popular on the product release calendar for a quite a while.

It took nine whole years for Trev to finally get a card in one of these sets (the 2022/23 offering) and I was really excited to add it to the collection. This year, he's back...and he decided to bring a friend.

2023/24 Tim Horton's Greatest Duos
#60 Trevor Linden/Markus Naslund

It's a pretty sharp-looking design this season - nothing earth-shattering. Borderless, no foil (which is a rarity) and really lets the photo shine through.

What's not too sharp on this Linden is the photo's got the blurries. Unfortunate, as I'm always up for a card with a new pic of Trev, but this just doesn't quite cut it.

Still...look at the positives. It's a new Linden for the collection and at a solid price point (traded for it). This one though doesn't have any stats on the back.

That's right, it's fellow Canucks legend (and retired jersey teammate) Markus Naslund.

I'm jealous. He's sporting the skate jersey. Would've loved that on the Linden. But, Trev gets the "front of the card" brag, so let's call it a wash.

The photo of Naslund is noticeably sharper...again, bummer for Trev. But it's the first time that these two 'mates have featured on a front & back card.

It's Timmy's. I'm just happy to have found one without having to buy 15-20 double-doubles. 

Does your player feature in the latest Tim Horton's set? What's your favourite food-issue release?


  1. A. Cool card. Like you stated... it would have been cooler had they used a photo of Linden wearing the "skate" jersey to match Naslund's.

    B. I haven't been actively seeking hockey cards in a few years, so I have no idea who is in the latest Tim Horton's set.

    C. My favorite food issue set would be 1970 Kellogg's baseball. Love that design. Kellogg's lenticular sets in general are pretty awesome. I also love the 80's Oakland A's Granny Goose sets, the 90's Denny's Grand Slam sets, and the mid 80's McDonald's football sets.

    1. Vintage food issue is always the best. Thanks for the comments, Fuji. 👍