Thursday, April 18, 2024

LINDEN 'ITEM' OF THE WEEK - Book Sale Find...From A Year Ago


Hey everybody! Hope you are all doing well. As I take a quick look at my blogging stats over the past year, I can see that there's been a whopping 4 posts I've shared over the past 365 days. And you know what...I'm perfectly cool with that.

Life has dealt me some ups and downs over the past 12 months. Nothing that should induce a level of panic, just changes. Some good, some...providing a few challenges. But overall, I'm throwing out a hearty "Life is good" because you know is. I'm very grateful for where I'm at, what I have, who I know and the opportunities that are in front of me.

So blogging has been pretty much on the back burner for quite a while. Just didn't feel the vibe for it. That doesn't mean I've been away from the hobby. I still do my daily (or hourly) Linden searches online and have been excited that he still gets tossed in new products. I don't chase like I used to, but throw the darts when the time is right.

I think the big hobby love for me over the past number of months is just the people out there on blogs and social media (and at shows and trade nights) that have a real air of positivity. It's something I am strongly drawn to these days and see it in a lot of my favourite people. To them...THANK YOU! I see you and appreciate you.

So, on this final day of regular season hockey, I'm sitting down at the laptop ready to do a photo dump from my phone and build some posts to get me a little more up-to-date with where my collecting world has taken me and share some good stories.


This first post will be from a year ago ( flies). I volunteer at a huge used book sale in the city (raising funds for early literacy) and am always on the lookout for cool sports books.

I was shocked when I saw this title stare up at me from the table.

I had no idea my guy was on the cover of this instructional read. It was in pretty good shape too for being a 1997 release.

What's interesting is that there's an alternate cover - with Trev in his skate jersey. Needless to say, that's on the wantlist. :)

There have been a few oddball items that I've crossed paths with over the past year. I'm finding them to be my more favourite pickups. Especially when it's something I've not seen before.

Do you have any fun oddball items in your collection? What are they?


  1. Good luck finding the skat jersey cover for your collection. I'm a big fan of oddball items. Off the top of my head... one of my favorites is a Tony Gwynn beer bottle.

    1. A Gwynn beer bottle sounds super cool. Especially if it happens to be a stubby neck bottle. 😂