Thursday, January 7, 2010

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 2005/06 SPGU Triple Patch

Here is the one Trevor Linden card I have added to the collection over the last month - and it's a doozie!!

2005/06 Upperdeck SP Game Used
Triple Patch (Iginla/Shanahan/Linden) /10

This card came from ebay. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would either be mine...or some guy was going to pay through the teeth to get it.

With only 10 copies of this card out there (and knowing that almost half of them were already in the firm grip of various collectors' hands) I knew that this might be one of the last chances for me to grab this card.

I immediately threw a call out to another Linden collector to see where he stood with the card. I knew he already had one so I was hoping he would lay off on bidding. I was glad to hear that he was not aggressively pursuing the card.

I waited until the last minute to place my bid and was surprised that the final price for the card was a lot lower than what I was willing to spend. It's still one of the more expensive cards in my collection...but if I were ever to sell it, I'm pretty confident I'd make a nice little profit. Not going to happen though.

This card comes from one of the hardest sets to complete for my Linden collection.

There are 2 triple jersey cards /25 (one with Iggy and Shanahan, the other with Modano and Roenick), 2 triple patch cards /10 (with the same grouping of players), a quad jersey card /10 (with Jovonovski, Kesler and Bertuzzi) and finally a quad patch card /5 (with the same group of Canucks).

Insane cards to track down...more insane are the prices.

All that is left for me to pick up is the quad patch /5. Wish me luck on that one.

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