Friday, April 16, 2010

SCRIBBLES & SCRIBES - Between The Pipes

Well, the overwhelming popularity of this year's Between The Pipes set has lead to one of the most extensive and desirable autograph sets.

With the huge checklist of goalie greats, heroes and 'up-and-comers', there's sure to be some examples of stud autographs and dud autographs.

I was not disappointed...

Jamie Tucker

I stand corrected...I am disappointed.

Wow! This guy must be popular. How else would reason with his quick, rushed, lazy signature.

I sure hope his jersey number is 33....that's the only thing I could make out on this card.

Brian Hayward

Thank you Brian for bringing some quality to the show.

A great autograph to go along with one of my all-time favorite goalie masks. It would have been nice though if it was a little more prevalent (the mask that is).

A lesson from the vet in penmanship is in order.

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  1. I was at the Card Expo in Toronto this weekend. Marcel Dionne was there promoting the Hockey Hall of Fame trivia game.
    If you purchased the game for $35, he would autograph the game and anything else you wanted.
    He was very gracious and a true class act.