Sunday, April 11, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Troy Mallette


Troy Mallette????

Never heard of him!!!!

Well, that would mean you would have no idea what he looks like.

That's the problem with this installment of To The Bike Spokes. You tell me which one he is.

1991/92 Topps Stadium Club
#134 Troy Mallette

"Stand up if your name is Troy Mallette!"

OK, that eliminates the guy on the far left. And I think the guy leaning on the right is Tie Domi. I'll excuse him too.

It can't be the coach....that's Roger Nielson. Maybe it's the fan wearing the Flyers jersey in the crowd....or the only guy sitting in the crowd....or dude with the slick looking grey sweater with diamonds!

Nope. It's #26 - Troy Mallette. How embarrassing that Troy's hockey card is a group bench shot. C' guys got nothing of him on the ice.

The back of the card says he's a "hard-working, big guy who plays the role of enforcer". It should says he's a "guy who wears a uniform, is good with national anthems and plays the role of bench warmer."

A 'hockey card' should include a photo of a player playing hockey. Period.

On the upside, this is probably more face time Troy Mallette has had in over 10 years.


To the bike spokes!!

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  1. Yeah, but what was he saying. It sures looks like he's yapping at someone, doesn't it? Maybe he's yelling at the photographer.