Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Article: Enforcers Only

I enjoy writing. I know I'm not the best at it...but over the past year (almost) that I have been building this blog, I have been enjoying getting the thoughts out of my head and on paper (well, actually I type...on a screen).

I also enjoy hearing from others who have a real passion for the hobby. Any hobby for that matter. Cards, sports, music, culture...it doesn't matter. The passion and enjoyment the person has keeps me riveted to what is being said.

I've been wanting to do more writing for The Insider's Edge magazine (a collectibles hobby mag), but have found little to no time lately.

Recently though, I did talk to a person who has a strong passion for cards - specifically 'enforcer' cards. I asked if I could interview him and submit the article.

He agreed...and here it is.

Thanks again Richard for your help. I enjoyed the time.


  1. nice job. interesting collection.

  2. I agree with this guy that McSorley has one of the better signatures in the game, enforcer or otherwise.

  3. Does a card must have a photo? Probert's card on page 5 looks neat without a photo.