Sunday, September 12, 2010

Custom Creations: The Greatest Custom Card Collection...... PERIOD!

Today was the final day of our 'summer' work schedule. Busy is an understatement for me during the months of June, July, August and September, but things now shift gears. It's still busy, but should be more steady than crazy.

As such, I hope to get back into a bit of a routine when it comes to me blog. I enjoy the writing and sharing of my projects and it helps me become more organized with my collection.

Tonight, I introduce you to one of my favorite custom card makers and the ultimate custom cut auto collection - bar none.

The Broderick Collection

In a nutshell, it is the single greatest collection of autographs from the world of hockey. The diversity and rarity of these signatures is staggering.

The simplicity in the custom designs and the precision in the cutting of the cards and autographs makes these cards some of the nicest I have seen. To know that they all sit within one collected group is truly impressive.

The amount of time, effort and the balls to mess with such priceless autographs is a testament to the designers work and inspiration for me as a custom card creator.

I look forward to seeing more cards included in this project and as a result, unearthing more of the most historical autographs this sport has seen.


  1. That's an awesome collection for sure.

    I never realized custom cards could be graded for autographs like that, interesting...

  2. I think it is cool that you can get a custom card authenticated for signatures. It gives it more of a 'legit' feeling.