Thursday, October 28, 2010


I gotta say, just a week into my renewed Linden collecting and I have landed a pair of SOLID cards to add to the collection.

Last week, it was the stunning Panini 2010/11 Certified Mirror Emerald autograph /5. This week, it is his brother, the Mirror Gold autograph /25.

A great looking card I must say. I'll admit though, a little weak on the autograph quality. Trev normally has a bit better first name. This one looks more like a scribble.

Gotta love any card numbered /25 or less. Thing is, I've seen a few pop up already. I should have kept track.

I'm just glad to get one in my hands. A great price as well. One I'm really happy with.

Now on to find more Lindens. The Score product is being released tonight at midnight so I am eagerly anticipating more chances to add to my collection.

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