Sunday, May 29, 2011


The 1994 Stanley Cup Finals series between the Vancouver Canucks and the New York Rangers go down, in my books, as the greatest final series I have ever seen.

There were tremendous ups and downs and Game 7 was one I will never forget (and believe me....I've tried).

It was Vancouver's best attempt at winning the Cup.....until now.

This season, the Canucks were probably the most consistent team throughout the season. The President Trophy winners managed to slay the Blackhawks dragon in the first round and the Sedins have hit their stride this past series.

And I truly believe they haven't played their best hockey yet.

The Boston Bruins, well they too have some interesting storylines heading into the Finals.

A team rich in history, they have not had a shot at the cup in over 20 years. Goalie Tim Thomas alone has taken one of the most amazing paths to finally land in the Stanley Cup Finals. Nathan Horton has flourished as he gets his first taste of playoff hockey. And Patrice Bergeron gets an opportunity to realize a dream.....after coming close to having his career taken away from him.

One thing is for city is going to go absolutely hog wild in the next couple weeks.

This series is one that I am very much looking forward too. Not just because of what I think will be some exciting hockey, but also the friendly wager I have set up.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I am a big fan of the autograph hounding adventures and hobby-rich quests of Ron and his son Colin over at Hound Central 5.0. It's no secret that Colin's team this playoff season is the Boston Bruins. And having made a custom Patrice Bergeron card for him in the past, and receiving a fantastic team sheet from him a few months ago, I knew there was a great opportunity to have a little fun with this final series.

I decided to propose a friendly wager with Colin. If his beloved Bruins win the Cup, I will create a custom Patrice Bergeron Stanley Cup Champions card for him to get signed. If my Canucks hoist the hardware, then Colin will make a custom Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Champions team sheet to get signed.

Not only has Colin accepted, he stated that he's looking forward to his new card.

I'm sure he meant to say that he's looking forward to designing a fabulous Canucks team sheet. :)

I can't wait for these finals to begin!


  1. Sorry Colin, but I'm on Brett's side for this one :)
    Best of luck though to your Bruins though Colin

    There are a couple blogs I follow daily that are Bruin fans and I can't wait for the discussions to begin after game 1.

    I'm soooooooo excited, this city is already buzzing. No conversation between two self-respecting Vancouverites doesn't include Canucks discussion. Even if your not a hockey fan you're constantly around it.

    Have fun with the wager should be interesting to see how it unfolds.

  2. All I know is that Thomas is 3-0 vs the 'Nucks and that in the only meeting this year, the B's skated away with a 3-1 victory.

    Should be a fantastic series that won't surprise me if it goes 7.

    Good luck!

  3. No, I checked with him. He's expecting you'll send him a card. He also mentioned something about Patrice getting a kick out of it, too.

    Hey, I tried getting him to change his allegiance, even threatening him with having to sleep out on the back porch. The kid bleeds Black and Gold.

    Obviously, he knew something I didn't. Plus. I think he has the ears of the Hockey Gods.

    All I really want is a good series. We got spoiled down here in Hockey Bay.