Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Man, this past week and a half has really got me messed up.

On the positive side, the NHL season is in full swing, I'm involved in a pair of hockey pools and I'm making strides towards traveling to Toronto to attend my first ever Toronto Card Expo (in mid-November).

But work has flung some more weight on the plate recently causing me to think a lot about what's left before the end of the year. I'm a few weeks behind in my paperwork (which bugs the crap out of me) and I'm behind on getting my e-mails sorted out. My condo looks like a bomb exploded and I've got a bit of a backlog of laundry staring me square in the face. Add to that the projects that have taken up my time so far this year (they just won't get off my plate for some reason), the custom cards that I've been completely neglectful about...and I don't like that and the overall disarray of my collection - hoo boy.

But all I wanted to do this weekend was relax. With it being Thanksgiving weekend (here in Canada), it stands up to be the last three day weekend of the year. The home stretch to Christmas (yikes!).

You'd think I'd be able to get some nice relaxing time in watching the odd hockey or football game......but no.

Some of it was spent recovering from a pounding headache on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was turkey dinner at my sister's house (and I'd like to note....that was the best part of the weekend bar none). Monday was spent feeling guilty that I let my weekend slide away.

To top it all off, I'm supposed to be in early Tuesday at work as we have some group work that needs some prep time. Trying to get to sleep was not in the cards.

So here I am, it's 5:00am and I've got an hour and a half to kill before I go into work. Where did the weekend go?

My motivation to blog has been down a bit. I think it's been the lack of cards I've picked up recently, but I look all over my office and see a ton of cards I've never shown off. It doesn't add up.

On the plus side, the last hour has me caught up on my e-mails and a solid dent in my paperwork. I should have that done by the time I go to work.

Have you ever been in a 'funk'? How long did it last?

I think after my shift at work today I'm calling in the troops. My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew have always been great at getting me on track or motivated. I think this time I'll call on them to help me get out of this funk.

It might be a day trip out somewhere, or maybe even a basement purge here at my place. Whatever it is, I hope it will be the engine restart I need right now.


  1. Opening a box of junk wax = funkbuster.

  2. I think we all have bud...and they suck...just try to plough through this one

  3. Oh ya also, if you need some "inspiration" for blog posts...I would love to see a Scribbles and Scribes post! I'm always a big fan of those!! I haven't seen you post one of those in forever!

  4. Finally going to the Toronto Sports Card Expo?
    I live in the GTA and go to most of them - There is a tonne of stuff to look at and buy.
    Bring Money!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Excellent suggestion.

    I've got the niece and nephew on board for some public skate time this weekend.

  6. Don't forget Remembrance Day is a 3 day weekend! Woo-hoo!