Monday, July 2, 2012


Lately I've been thinking a lot about sports documentaries (again).  In fact, I find that if one is on......I will watch it - even if I've seen it a half-dozen times already.

You may remember some of my favorites from the previous post I made on the subject (all are still top picks in my mind).

Current faves have been 'Catching Hell' (The Steve Bartman Story), 'Goose' (about Harlem Globetrotters star Goose Tatum) and '26 Years: The Dewey Bozella Story' (about a wrongly convicted man who finds boxing as an outlet while serving time).

I'm finding that there are more and more great documentaries out there every time I look.  I've seen all the '30 For 30' documentaries numerous times and have been scrounging Youtube, Amazon and ebay to see what else I can find.

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who mentioned that he just finished watching 30 movies in 30 days.  At first I thought it was crazy, but the more I got thinking about it, the more I liked his idea.

There are times when I have the tv on at home and am watching random 'stuff' just because it has caught my attention for the moment.  I don't have any 'shows' that are on my pvr list.  The idea of purposefully watching a film as opposed to 'whatever is on' has got me to this point.

My plan is to watch 30 sports documentaries in 30 days - I'm calling it '30 in 30'.  Sounds simple right?  Here's the catch.

Every documentary I watch has to be one I have never seen before.  And after watching the doc, I will do up a review here on my blog.

All of the sudden......seems a little more daunting.

Now of course I won't be doing this in the midst of my crazy work season. Instead, I'll be holding off until probably October or November.  It'll give me a chance to compile 'The List' and then track down some of the more obscure titles.

I already have started 'The List' and will be refining it over the next few months.  I'll share this list with you all before I start.  Feel free to comment on or make suggestions on what you think I should watch ('s gotta be one I've never seen before - and I've seen a lot).

The first five titles on my list are what I will call 'The No-Brainers'.  These are documentaries widely regarded and praised as some of the best sports docs out there, but ones that I just haven't taken the time to watch from start to finish.

Until now.

'30 in 30' - LIST OF MOVIES
1. Hoop Dreams (I know....I know)
2. Murderball
3. The Endless Summer
4. Pumping Iron
5. Undefeated (it won an Oscar.....I have to watch it)


  1. Nothing gets me more stoked for a workout than Pumping Iron!

  2. Loved that one on 'Goose'...

    if you find the one on Marcus Dupree, running back out of Oklahoma, I highly recommend it.
    I believe ESPN did it...

    1. Watched it last night. I agree.....really good.

      It's part of the 30 for 30 series.

      Have you seen the other doc on the Globetrotters!

  3. A couple of my favourite hockey docs

    The Code

    Hockey: A Peoples History

    1. Have seen those as well. I agree.

      Was a little skeptical about the re-enactments that were done in Hockey: A People's History, but found they were really well done.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. "Tyson" and...

    "Never Say Die: The Story of the New York Islanders". ;-)

    1. I kid you not......those are two on my short list.

      Keep 'em coming.

  5. Haha! Well, I've got the VHS if you need it! :-D

    1. I could use the tape......still have my VCR.


    2. I could use the tape......still have my VCR.



    Been following the blog for awhile, and now I post. This is a great doc on the whole Sonics kerfuffle. Great when I first saw, and watched it again this morning with a cup of coffee. Keep up the great blog.

    1. Hi Shane

      That's another one on my short list. Have had my eye on it for a bit.

      Thanks for commenting. Glad you are enjoying my blog.