Friday, August 24, 2012

1 vs. 100 - This PC Is Still Alive!

It has been months since I've had any sort of update on my 1 vs. 100 project.  Two reasons for that.  First - I just haven't been pursuing it too much.  Second - I only have 14 cards left to track down.....tougher than it sounds.

But the most recent traders night yielded me not one, not two, but three new cards for the collection.  An amazing feat if you ask me.

More so since they all came from the same person.

2005/06 The Cup
Honorable Numbers
#HN-DG Doug Gilmour  /93

A sweet auto/patch card from Killer to start things off.  The patch may be blah, but that serial number is what shines for me.

And check out that auto.  Not bad.  You definitely know what number he wore.

2011/12 Titanium
#113 Alexei Emelin  /84

When I saw these odd numbered parallels in this year's Titanium product, I knew that it would help my cause.

Emelin has this card numbered to 84 as it was his draft position.  He also has a card numbered to 74 which is his jersey number.

I love the fact that I'm adding unique cards to this project and that these new finds are getting me closer to the finish line.

2007/08 The Cup
#170 Stefan Meyer (gold)  /64

Another patch/auto to end things off.  This one is courtesy of Stefan Meyer.  I was really excited to land this one as it has a gorgeous patch but was slightly bummed when I saw that there was a bit of a ding on the right hand side.

On the flip side, there is a Stefan Meyer hoarder who has almost half the print run of these cards so far.  I'm hoping to trade him for a different card /64.  Win-win for both of us then....right?

Anyways, this was a hugs find for me and brings me just that much closer to finishing one of my most daunting projects ever.

87 out of 100  (87%)


  1. When I was a kid, (old 6-team NHL), goalies wore 1, 30 or 31 (weird when Dryden wore 29). Generally, D-men were 2-8, and forwards 9-29. Obviously with retired jerseys etc, this changed in the 70s. In light of your 1-100 collection, what was the very last jersey number to ever be worn in an NHL game?

    1. From what I could find, the number 84 was the last jersey number ever worn in the NHL. Guillaume Latendresse donned that jersey number in 2006, putting at least one player in every jersey number from 1 to 99.


  2. Cool stuff, love this project.

  3. #84 is correct! This is a great site...keep up the good work. Love the old-school Canucks stuff