Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OPINION - The Choice Is Yours

In the ever-advancing world of sportscards there have been concepts that have flourished and those that have failed.  There are also others that have yet to be placed in either pile.

Sticker autographs, video cards and even 'The World's Longest Card' have been developed in hopes of creating not just the initial "wow factor", but to create longevity and a unique niche in the market that will catapult a company to new heights.

I came across this concept tonight included in the upcoming Upper Deck Exquisite Football product and am still on the fence about it.  Take a boo and then we'll talk.

My first reaction was "This is pretty cool".  Different and unlike anything I've ever seen before.  But then I thought more about it.

What if my guy was a part of one of these cards?  How would it work for my Trevor Linden collection?  I realized at that moment that as a player collector, I enjoy having the decision of what cards are created made by someone other than me (especially when there are dozens and dozens of potential options available).

If Trev was ever included in one of these products, I think I would just go for 2 or 4 of his autographs and fill the card that way.  I would cringe at thinking "Do I include him with Lemieux or Gretzky?"

I don't want that choice.

So what are your thoughts on this "Create your own card" concept?


  1. pretty cool idea. One of the first brand new never been done before ideas I've seen in years.

    I just don't know how well it'll go over with collectors...

  2. I like it. But, I would like to see other options besides just autographs to swap out. Memorabilia pieces would work nicely if you were building a card for one player. Also, team logos or league logos could work as a 'low end filler' to complete your card. Surprised they never thought about that. Or maybe its coming in next year's release! :-)

    1. Great ideas (especially the low end fillers).

      Apparently Upper Deck is looking to patent the idea so I expect this concept to be a mainstay.

      Still not sure how I feel about it.

  3. In the game had a build a Jersey card redemption where you pick from a list of players. Goalies which is cool but this is way better no waiting. I would go a dual auto of Patrick Roy and Jonathan Toews My favorite players. I still waiting untill Upper Deck makes their video hockey cards. (http://sports.upperdeck.com/news/article.aspx?aid=7761) article on video cards.

  4. I think it's a neat idea. Kinda funny they haven't implemented it earlier. I mean, it's not that different from, for example, your 'One sheet one set'.

    That housing is basically just a sheet in which you insert your favourite (tiny) cards.

    Also, great idea AvenueDave!

  5. Oh hey, an innovative idea that actually looks nice and makes sense. You listening Panini?

    I dig it and think it'd be fun to build a card of your favorite player/team. The key, in my opinion, is to make sure these things are hard-signed.

    I also like that they are on what appears to be plastic and not cardboard making it much less likely to damage the mini-cards.