Saturday, September 29, 2012

PACK RIPPING: 8 Packs Of 2012/13 Score

I mentioned in my last post that when I popped into the local card shop last weekend I ripped open some OPC as well as some Score.

While my OPC packs produced one exceptional pull, Score didn't quite deliver that huge odd beater.  But that doesn't mean that this year's Score offering should be dismissed immediately.  I still had some fun with it.

Let's take a look at the goods.

2012/13 Score
(8 packs)

Now there are 7 cards to a pack and at a buck a piece, this is a fun, inexpensive way to rip some packs (hence the reason why I bought some).

Here's a look at some of the base cards.  A quick comparison to the OPC base and you can see right away that Score uses a nicer photo selection.  A little more action and some nice, unique looking pics.  But like OPC, there's not the photo variety I'd like to see.  No close-ups of half-body shots.  Only full head-to-toe selection.

Not bad when you've got good game action going on.

The design is pretty simple (as is Score in general over the years).  Clean and easy to navigate.  I'll admit, I do prefer the OPC design over this, but I'm a sucker for the retro look.

A great subset that is a staple in the Score release is the Season Highlight cards.  It's exactly what the title implys - a look back at some of the highlights throughout the season.

Raise your hand if you knew Ray Whitney got his 1000th point last year?  Could be the quietest 1000 points anybody has ever scored.  I'd still take him high up in my hockey pools - he's Mr. Durable and Mr. Reliable.

Is he Hall Of Fame worthy?  We'll see.

Inserted at one per pack, these gold parallels make for a nice build if you're looking for a challenging set build (There's 500 cards in the set).

I'm showing off a couple more Season Highlight pulls so you can appreciate the photos.  I wouldn't want to be the goalie who has to sit in front of those Chara shots.

For this season's product, Score has eliminated the Glossy parallel.  I wasn't a fan of it anyways.  This gold insert is enough for me.

Of course there's rookies to be had as well.  Compared to previous years, this design is a miss for me.  Not enough 'wow factor'.  I much prefer last year's offering for rookies (both in design and selection).

Still, it's always fun to get a rookie card - right?

When Score introduced the 'Net Cam' card a couple years ago - I loved it. I thought it was a unique insert set - even if the cards all looked kind of the same.

I immediately decided it would be a set I would build.

Last year, I was still excited to see the 'Net Cam' insert set, but quickly realized that nothing had changed (except for the card design).  I think I've only got one or two from that release.

This year has me yawning over the 'Net Cam' cards.  I've decided that this is an insert set that needs an overhaul.  Something fresh needs to be pumped into this idea.

Zero interest in it.

Now here we have an idea that I do like - even if the trend continues from season to season.

The 'First Goal' insert set celebrates a player's first tally in the NHL.  Now it looks to me like the photo is actually from the game.  I'd like to think that the photo is from the moment that he scored that important goal too.

A simple card design that falls into the Score bucket, the bold team colors really differentiate the card from the rest of the pack.

I like it.

The last card in my pack rips is this sweet Franchise (Original Six) card of Johnny Bucyk.

Much like the Retro Marquee Legends cards from OPC, this is a card that just speaks to me.  I like it.  The green tone and ultra-simple design just really takes me back.  And it's a nice photo of Bucyk to boot.

While Score has a current crop of Franchise cards in the mix, there are six "oldtimers" who made the cut as well.  Howe, Beliveau and Giacomin - gotta see what the Giacomin looks like.

Overall, I liked this break.  Nothing spectacular, but for a dollar a pack I wasn't expecting the world.  This would be a fun set to build for somebody who was just being introduced to the card collecting world and wanted to dip the "inexpensive toe" in the pool.

And while there might not be the big hits in my break, that doesn't mean there isn't the chance (albeit a long one) for a biggie.  Score has brought back the "Recollection Collection" insert where they take an old Score card from back in the early 90's, get the player to sign it and throw it in the packs.  Serial numbered to just 18 copies (or less in some instances), these would be a huge pull.  There are also auto versions of the Franchise (Original Six) cards.  No question, an autographed Gordie Howe card would make this box easily one of the best breaks of the year.

But whether you choose Score, OPC, or push on to the higher end stuff, be sure to have fun with it, stop and smell the roses in your breaks and stay within your budget.


  1. it's too bad you don't like that Price card.... whatever could you do with it????