Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Recently, I have posted a number of Linden cards that are new to the market.  There is a definite rollercoaster effect going on right now with Trev's cardboard insertion into products.

And a lot of high-end product at that.

A few weeks ago, it was this sweet Superlative patch that caught my eye. No question it is one gorgeous looking card.  With that card came the knowledge that my guy was going to be in In The Game's high-end release Superlative III.  The only question was - how many cards?

Well, one of his patch cards hit ebay yesterday (a full 3 days before the product is set to be does that happen?) and it prompted me to check things out.

2012/13 ITG Superlative III
Superlative Patch

First off...this is yet another stunning card from In The Game.  I'm currently struggling with what shiny piece of Linden goodness to go after these days - there's no way I can chase them all right now.

And after checking the In The Game website for checklists in this limited product, I've found that my guy has about 6-8 cards coming down the pipe.  Not too bad...but when they are all high-end like will be the case here, it makes for a hefty add to the list.

But better to have more on the list than none - right?


  1. I love the look on certain people's faces when you ask them, "when is this out?" and they reply; "in 3 days."
    Then you tell them, "nope. it's loose on the 'bay right now."

    their faces just turn ashen and you can smell smoke. Heh.....

    1. There are definitely some who freak out when a product hits the secondary market days before actual release.

      It's definitely frustrating but I guess some people just don't care about playing by the rules.

  2. All things being equal, I'm okay with having none on the list....