Friday, July 5, 2013


Almost done my crazy month and a half of work.  Just one more weekend to go.

I saw this little gem peeking out of the mailbox when I got home tonight.  Couldn't resist showing it off.  But first...the backstory.

Last October, I picked up this nice Cup Limited Logos patch in a trade.  IMO, the best way to pick up a card.  Nothing out of my pocket and a tough card off the wantlist.  I was content with having this card be the representation in my collection.

Well fast forward to this spring when I saw somebody selling an equally nice (if not nicer) upgrade.  I asked if it was available for trade and we compromised - cash and trade.

Then the gem arrived on ebay a few weeks ago.  I kept my eye on it as it was without question the nicest patch I'd seen so far out of all the Linden patches in this set.  The deadline was closing and the price was quite nice.

I took a chance and was thrilled with the end price.  As I mentioned, it arrived today.

2011/12 Upper Deck The Cup
Limited Logos
#LL-TL auto/patch  /50

Chicklets and all - this is a nice looking patch.  The scan doesn't quite do it justice.

It reminded me of this great ITG Captain-C patch I picked up a while back.

Now I have a pair of smiles.