Sunday, December 15, 2013

OPINION - Flipping

I don't think there's anyone out in the hobby world who wouldn't like to make a few extra bucks buying a couple cards and then flipping them for profit.  I'm sure we have all done it (or tried) at some point in the past.  Thinking you've found that great deal and then realizing it when you cash in - be it a couple bucks or a double-up.

And I see nothing wrong with people buying someone else's sale with the hopes of getting a higher return.  But I do have an issue with the "time and place".

Case in point, yesterday at the monthly card show.

I was perusing the tables, looking for Lindens as always, and came across a table with a new face behind it.  I always like to see new faces - it means new cards to look at.  Sadly no Lindens.

But as I was flipping through one of his sales boxes, the seller decided to point out a few cards he thought were a great deal at his price.  Weird thing was, they had a different looking price tag on it than the other cards in the box.  Two of them in the box and a third on the table.

The seller was bragging that he just got a steal of a deal on the three cards - from the table right next to him - and was now looking to flip for profit.  Wow.

Now I get that once a card is sold the new owner can do whatever they want with it, but it left a bad taste in my mouth that this guy literally went over to the adjacent table, bought 3 cards (at what was a fantastic price) and then without even removing the guy's pricetags proceeded to try and make a profit on the cards.

And we're not talking a couple bucks, but some hefty price inflating.

What he actually ended up doing to me is making me have zero interest on what was on his table and shift over one to the guy who had the sweet sales.

Good for him for getting a couple great bargains, but hold off for a bit before trying to flip them - even a couple hours.  Or maybe just peel off the price tags.

A real turnoff.

At the end of the day, I didn't pick up any new pc items, traders or just shiny stuff.  All the money in my pocket stayed in my pocket.

That's not to say there weren't good deals to be had.....but it's all about time and place.

So what's your opinion on buying and flipping?  Is is "no holds barred" or do you see some "unwritten rules" on etiquette and approach?


  1. I've heard grumbling about that at the local show.... one story I heard was from seller X who was saying that seller Y was upset with him for no longer selling cards to him "on credit" until "he made some cash at his table" because what seller Y was doing was getting really good cards at good prices, then selling them for higher at his table, then coming back and paying seller X.

    Can you imagine?

    1. Wow. I thought buying a card and then simply putting it on your table was bad enough.

      To not even pay for the card and then sell it for a profit... thats pretty bunk.

  2. It's not something I do myself on a regular basis... and it's definitely not something I'd brag about (especially if it meant disrespecting a fellow collector set up next to me). However... I recently picked up a The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly game at the flea market for a buck. A few weeks later I flipped it for $15 at a different flea market.

    1. See....that doesn't bother me in the least.

      Time and place.

      Good flip BTW!!

  3. Purpose and intent is a factor to me. "Are they helping the hobby ?" would be my question. Selling duplicates or to further ones collection seems reason enough. To gouge patrons and anger fellow sellers, would not.