Friday, March 21, 2014

HHOF AUTOS - Another Trade Night Success

Building this Hockey Hall of Fame hard-signed auto set has been one of the best projects I've introduced to my collecting in a long time.  Rediscovering the essence of trading has really excited not just me but I think others whom I meet locally at trade nights and shows.

I've got people coming up to me saying "Hey....have you got this guy?"  I like that.

Last night was the monthly trader night.  I missed last month's as I had plans with my nephew so March's offering was something I was really looking forward to.

And I walked away thrilled with the results.  A few guys I had never traded with before and some solid names added to the HHOF list.

Bobby Clarke
(Inducted in 1987)

How about this beauty to start with.  I absolutely love this photo.  Bold and of the time period I wanted.  The signature is crisp and clean.

The corners are ridiculously rock solid on this one.  And with the darker edging that just sort of trails off from the player, it just looks ominously awesome.

Not sure if this auto is a shortprint or what, but I can say that I've never seen a copy of this one before.  Once I saw it - I knew I'd be trading for it.

Mark Howe
(Inducted in 2011)

This was also in with the trade for the Clarke.  A Mark Howe auto really doesn't hold much hobby weight so it almost felt like a throw-in in the deal.  Works for me though as he's a bonafide HOFer....and the son of one of the greatest players of all time.

How could I have possibly passed on this?

Alex Delvecchio
(Inducted in 1977)

The trifecta of Parkhurst Champions cards I traded for and this has a great shot of Alex in action.

And check out that beauty of a goalie mask in the background.  Anyone care to guess as to who that tender might be?

After making the trade for these three cards, I came across another trade box that made me cringe......just a bit.

Alex Delvecchio
(Inducted in 1977)

That's right......we have a trade - and then an upgrade.

When I saw this Delveccho, I really wanted it.  Not because it was a better photo or superior card design (which it isn't), but because it's a unique card in the collection so far.

I felt that having this card over the Parkhurst Champions version would just give the collection a little more diversity.  I'm torn though as I do like the photo on the one prior.

I think I'll just keep both for now and let the whole thing percolate.

Al MacInnis
(Inducted in 2007)

I saw this in the same trade box as the Jake Gardiner /17.  I recognized the MacInnis auto as I had one jsut like it a while back.

Sure's the same card.

So, for the first time ever, I traded for a card that I once owned.

I really like this card because it shows Al as a Flame (how I remember him best).  It even looks like it could be from his Conn Smythe Trophy winning season in the NHL.  He was so dominant the year the Calgary won the Cup.

So with that, I have added four more cards to the HHOF collection.  I could have added more, but with all of this trading I am noticing something.

I'm running out of traders!!

I've got to replenish my trade box somehow.  Something to work on over the summer I think.

One last hard-signed auto card from a Hall of Famer to share.  Again, it's not a player, but I just had to have it.

If there's a legend in hockey broadcasting from my era, it's Dick Irvin.  His voice, his knowledge and his stories are second to none.  I can listen to the guy talk all day.

Heck, he could read from the phonebook and make it sound interesting.

What a great signature.  This card is most definitely a keeper.

Current Collection - 37 HOF Autos