Friday, March 21, 2014

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!! - Nighty Night

It's not that I haven't come across ugly cards over the past year....I just was too lazy to scan them.

So says the guy who has taken the better part of a year to add to the 'Spokes' collection.

I have no excuse - nor do I have any apologies.  It's my blog.  Ha ha!

But when I saw this card at the local card show this past weekend, I thought it was worthy of the .50 cents, the time to scan and the chance to catch up with all of you who love looking at terrible cards.

And this card is terrible.

First of all, let me just state that this is not a hockey offering.  It's football. Canadian football at that.  Don't judge (at least based on our card making skills).

In addition to the brutal photo slapped on the front of this "Pro Action" card (and by the way....this card is neither 'Pro' nor 'Action'), the card has zero information on it.  Nothing on the front to indicate what I'm looking at (or supposed to see), nothing on the back but a big cartoon telling me to "Test Your Football IQ".

Hey, my IQ is being tested by trying to figure out what year this card is from, what players I'm looking at, and what teams are playing.

It's card #130.....that's all I know (that and a guy by the name of Joe Zuger has the best career punting average ever in the CFL.....thanks Mr. Cartoon Guy).

Is this a night game?  That would explain a lot.  I know somebody numbered 65 is doing something.  I'm also betting there's a football in the picture.

Man.....this must've been an awesome set to build.  I'd love to see what the rest of the offerings look like.  Can you imagine?

So I decided with my super-advanced photo-editing skills that messing with improving this photo was in order.
Hey....I can kind of make out something.  There are legs.....running.  .....there's a goal line.  ......maybe a scoring play (after all it is a "Pro Action" card).

I dunno.....I've given up hope.  If any of you have magic powers or a Canadian football price guide maybe you can fire off some information.

Until then, I'm putting this card to bed.  Nighty night!


TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Based on the uniforms, It looks like the game involves the Toronto Argos. The guy dropping back to throw appears to be wearing #7, so you might have a card with a young Joe Theismann on it.

    It is from the '72 set, so the era matches.

    1. A quick ebay search for 1972...CFL...card 130...

      Joe Theismann!!!!!!!


      This card just went from the outhouse to the penthouse (ok....not quite).

      But it's a pretty cool find considering this card pre-dates his Topps NFL rookie card by three years.

      Thanks very much buckstorecards for the help!!