Saturday, April 23, 2016

OPINION - Final Vault...My Final Rant

Hello.  It's been a while.  I've been busy but that's not the only reason why I haven't been blogging as much.  My computer crapped out a few weeks ago (literally days before I was to retire it).  Of course I hadn't moved across all of my files yet so life was crappy while I had to try and fix it - for as little money as possible.

Anyways...problem solved.  I'm still getting the new system all set up and fancy, but in the meantime I can throw out a bit of a blog post.  I have no scanner yet (hopefully tomorrow) so I've resorted to stealing a scan this time.

Linden cards have been few and far between of late.  Other than the big white whale that arrived last month it's been slim pickings.  Some very nice gestures from other player collectors and people who have known me for a while have really been the majority of my new adds this year.

Not really as motivated.


ITG Vault cards.

Simply put....leftover stock in the In The Game warehouse, stamped with a unique coloured 1/1 stamp and thrown into a cash-grab of a product.

Recently - and hopefully finally - the Vault release of note is ITG Final Vault.  And it's loaded with Linden cards.  Not a good thing.

I really do hope it's the final offering of this "concept".  I'm growing tired of it - and I think others are too.  You can see it reflected in the secondary sales of these cards.  No longer are people asking $100 or even $50 for Linden cards.  Sellers are plunking them down with a low minimum bid and they pretty much sit there.

I've once again decided to boycott the product as I find it a jumbled mess of leftovers.

No checklist to accurately update my master player collection list (thanks for that ITG) and just keeping up with all the different stamp colours is I think quite ridiculous.

I've so far found over 30 unique Linden cards released in this product.  And based on the numbers associated with the mind-boggling stamp offerings, I calculate a minimum - MINIMUM of 60 different Linden cards to chase.  Most with a bogus 1/1 stamp on them to inflate the supposed desirability and thus the asking price.

Here's the hilarious breakdown of how the Vault stamp colours work...

Red 1/1 - at least 1 of that particular card exists
Blue 1/1 - at least 2 of that particular card exists
Green 1/1 - at least 3 of that particular card exists
Silver 1/1 - at least 4 of that particular card exists
Gold 1/1 - at least 5 of that particular card exists
Black 1/1 - at least 6 of that particular card exists
Pink 1/1 - at least 7 of that particular card exists
Purple 1/1 - at least 8 of that particular card exists
Copper 1/1 - at least 9 of that particular card exists
Teal 1/1 - at least 10 of that particular card exists

What kind of rinky-dink operation is this?  Pink?  Purple?  Teal?

And just try to figure it out from a crappy scan.  Good luck.  Can you tell me what colour stamp the Linden card above is?  I've sent many an e-mail off to sellers just trying to confirm what colour the stamp is on their card.  Too bad that's the extent of my interest.

Who is this product (and other Vault products) for?  Certainly not the player collector.  Most of the Linden cards have boring jersey pieces on them or just simply an auto.  Cards like these in this product are nothing more than cheap filler and I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the dollar box at the local show in the very near future.

Except for those that feel Linden cards with a Vault stamp on them still hold some sort of value in the secondary market.  Again...I'm confused as to what the purpose of these 60+ cards are?

Hopefully this will be the last of it and I can move on from this abysmal period in Linden collecting.  I look forward to seeing innovative and forward thinking designs and concepts that will attract my interest as a collector and my pocketbook so I can add some exciting pieces to my collection.

Vault does neither of these things.


  1. Don't forget the super duper rare robin' egg blue foil 1/0 variation!!!!!

    But seriously, what a terrible note to go out on.

    1. Ah yes.....

      Looking forward to chasing that one down.


  2. Glad to see you got that off your chest. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on digital cards.

    1. It's interesting. I was thinking of doing up a post on just that. I have a few angles and thoughts.

      For the record, I do like a lot of what Topps Now is doing (although I don't know if you could consider that a true digital card).

      Yeah....lots to chew on in that world.

  3. You hit the nail on the head!!! They find a bunch of closet cards, put a 1 of 1 stamp on it and expect us the gooble it up!!

  4. I'd be upset if I was a player collector who had to have one of everything. But as a team collector, I hope you're correct and I find singles of this product in dollar bins. I'd buy all the Sharks I could find for that price.

    1. As a completist, I chase everything I don't currently have.

      Correction....I put everything on my list. I chase what I choose is worthy of chasing. Vault is not worthy.

      I don't even know if I could bend on dollar box finds. It would compromise my stance. :)

  5. It took a matter of seconds for me to form my reasoned opinion on 'Vault' products from ITG. Simply put, ITG is playing the public for fools on this one.
    I asked many times over the years at their Expo Booth about Expo Redemptions. They insisted that what was not given out at the Expo was destroyed - shocking, here they are showing up as 1/1 Vault cards!
    Other cards that I have searched for, for a number of years, are also suddenly 'coming out of the vault'. No wonder that I could not find any one who had ever seen some of these cards - Mr. Price must have had them in his collection! I find it incredulous that a previously released card that had a stamped serial number on it, is now showing up multiple times. If a card was numbered /9 and now there are a number of 'vault' versions showing up, one is left to wonder just how many of these cards were truly produced in the first place? Mr. Price, your math is deceptive and dishonest, you owe us a refund!
    While some ITG cards are quite appealing to look at, one can only wonder what sort of cheap scams have been going on in the years leading up to the 'vault' product release. That is, what was really produced, what quantity was really produced, what was never really released to the public in the first place? I'm left wondering what is really still in the 'vault'? I'm left wondering just how much product never made it into the hands of the public in the first place?
    As a collector, yes, I have, in the past, collected many ITG cards including many so called Expo Redemptions. Sure, they are nice looking cards, but I am now left with a sour taste in my mouth with regards to ITG cards.

    1. While I can't speak to how these extra cards are/were stored over the years, I can appreciate that some extras are left as backup in case of replacements for damage.

      I believe some of the cards in Final Vault were also a result of Dr. Price buying back some of these cards at a recent show (if I'm not mistaken).

      To me, I'm fine with what ITG wants to do with its remaining stock. It's up to me if I choose to support it with my $$$. Which I am not.

  6. My understanding is that the assests went to Leaf when they purchased ITG. Mr. Price bought the cards back from Leaf to create the 'Vault' product.

    1. I heard that not all assets were sold to Leaf. I believe some of the cards he bought back were through the Toronto Expo last year.

      I'd have to check some of the hobby boards to double check that.

      At the end of the day, I don't have any first hand information. It's all what I've heard from others.

  7. I think it is all very misleading to say the least with these 1/1 cards. You think you hit a valuable card only to find out it is not a true 1/1 and not very valuable at all. I also have a very bad feeling about his Maple Leafs president's choice high end product.

    1. I think that Dr. Price laid it all out with the Final Vault concept. It's easy to decipher once you know what you're looking for. I just think it's a money grab as I've seen a good 50+ unique Linden cards hit the market with the Vault stamp on it.

      Zero interest from me.