Saturday, June 25, 2016

WALLET CARD - Something Old, Something New

Woo...June has pretty much come and gone in a hurry.  Work has been hectic, but that's the gig I signed up for.  Managed to squeeze a round of golf in there (and am hoping to go today if the bad weather holds off) and even made some headway on the book I'm reading.

And I even managed to make it to a couple trade nights - and have picked up some cards for my various collections.  AANNNNNNNNDDDDD...I'm going to blog about them.

I know...that's crazy talk.

So, let's enjoy a few posts over the next week or so while I share some of goodies I've acquired.

First up - Oscar.

I must say that over the past year-and-a-half since I began my #WalletCard escapades, I have really enjoyed what this non-hockey card project has brought.  It's been quite inexpensive, full of both vintage fun and current pack ripping goodness and the photos are KILLER (for the most part).

I never thought I'd enjoy a second player collection after Trevor Linden, but Oscar Gamble has done that.

I've tried not to binge on picking up cheap base cards off of one of any number of sites.  I could easily knock off 40-50 cards without blinking.  But where's the fun in that?  Finding cards locally is always preference number one.  And recently it's been some good hobby friends that have created those adds.

1980 Topps #698

I walked into one of the local trade nights at the start of the month and was promptly handed this beauty.  Seems the guys were doing some 80's pack ripping and came across this.  It's cool to say that this is freshly pulled and has gone directly into the toploader.

Of course my first comment (after the "thank you") was to see if they pulled the Ricky Henderson RC...which they did.  Nicely done.

This card was is one of the last to show off a decent 'fro.  The 80's cards had Oscar with a more conservative cut.  It's a shame...could've been killer in those White Sox unis.

My night would not have been complete without cracking into some of Topps newest product - Archives.  I knew early on that there were new #WalletCard options to pick up.  And while I doubted that I would hit one of the tougher parallels, I felt that the base card should be found relatively quick.

2016 Topps Archives #106

Bingo!!  This 1979-style offering crosses another one of the list.  And was exciting to see it come out of the pack - even more than most of the parallels or inserts I hit.  That's the sign of a good project.

The photo.....well...I can't help but be a little bummed.  It's not the first time Topps Archives has used a n older Oscar photo for it's pic.  Older Yankees days.

Just once I'd like to see them go off the board and really give the hobbyist a shot in the arm.

Could you imagine seeing this photo on that card?  Instant dynamite.

So with those two recent cards, and a couple other buybacks that have found a home with me, I've got my #WalletCard collection up to 41 (with a couple more in transit).  He's got about 150 cards so that puts me almost a third of the way there.  Not bad for 18 months of work.

Like I said, a really fun project that isn't breaking the bank....especially when you have people dropping cards in front of you - Thanks Mikey and Brian!

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