Saturday, January 7, 2017

OPINION - Older Ultra-Pro One Touch Magnetic Holders

I was spending a nice relaxing evening watching some hockey and going through some of my stockpiled hobby supplies that I've built up over the years.  I've got way too much crap....and so a good purge was in order.  It was nice to see my closet slowly looking more organized and less like my nephew's "place for everything".

Gone are some taped top loaders that were going to be used for future mailings (I've only got a bazillion of them now) as well as some bent binder pages and tarnished one touches....they're all going bye-bye.

But as I was going through the one touches....I noticed something very interesting - and disturbing.

No....that furry little pet in there is not something I'd like to add to the family portrait.  It appears to be a dissolving magnet and the filings are starting to burst out.

I've had some of my older one touches for at least a good decade or so (they had been used...but not in bad enough shape to throw out) and they've just been sitting on a shelf in my closet waiting for a day when I might put them back into service.  After seeing this though I don't know if I'm comfortable doing so.

This side view should give you a better idea of what I'm up against.  My first thought was "How many of these old (silver...not the gold magnets) one touches hold cards that are sitting in my pc?"  Ugh....the thought of that just churns my stomach.  Definitely don't want any of this stuff falling onto my card surfaces.

So I sent Ultra Pro an e-mail and am hoping for some sort of comment/response.  I don't know if there is any sort of guarantee on these but I can safely say that I will be assessing my entire pc and purging all silver one touch holders.

Anyone else ever notice this?  Or better yet....has anyone else experienced this (after racing to their collection to check right after reading my post)?

I would hope that Ultra Pro stands behind their product and is able to work with me to rectify this situation.  I've put a lot of money into their products over the years and feel that they are the gold standard when it comes to card protection.

That said, this could be the turning point for me looking elsewhere for my supplies.

Oh......and Happy New Year!!!  :)


  1. I tell everyone who will listen that cards and plastic is a bad idea. I had a brand new package of ultra pro pages attack my 1999-00 Upper Deck NBA cards. I took all my cards out of pages then and there and have not used them since. I've purchased cards in screw down holders about the size and shape of these magnetic ones where the card was stuck to them. I've even had penny sleeves damage cards, usually finest style, but I've had foil stick to the sleeve and come off the card at least twice as well. All of my cards are stored in the white cardboard boxes.

  2. That sucks!!!! Keep us informed when they respond to your inquiry.

  3. That sure is a unique problem to stumble across. You'll have to keep us posted as to how Ultra Pro handles this situation.

  4. I still have brand new Ultra-Pro One Touch (made in 2003, stock #81575) not opened in plastic, I opened few and I notice the SAME PROBLEM !!!! That's disturbing.

  5. It is disturbing. UltraPro. They were fantastic in rectifying the situation. They replaced ALL of my defective cases and sent new ones. And I have seen them do the same to a number of people.

    They were excellent to deal with.