Thursday, January 26, 2023


More from my start-of-the-year COMC pickups. This time, I feature a card for a PC that has never seen a COMC addition. First time for everything.

I've been passively building my 51/52 Parkhurst set for a good decade or so. I tend to pick up cards when the spark to go hunting occurs - happens only a few times a year. This time, it was when I was on a buying binge at COMC during their Black Friday event.

I'd never picked up a vintage card like this via COMC, but felt quite comfortable in the quest. I've enjoyed my time on COMC and have never had any issues. The only real question would be...could I find a Parkie for a decent enough price?

Needless to say...I did.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#102 Ed Slowinski

For forward Ed Slowinski, the New York Rangers would be the only NHL sweater he would don. Playing nearly 300 games over 7 years, Slowinski was a solid player, but never found the same level of success as he had in the AHL. He was a first-team All-Star there and was nearly a point-a-game player over another 300 games in the junior circuit.

He played in one Stanley Cup final with the Rangers, losing to the Detroit Red Wings in 7 games in 1950 (he led all scorers in assists that postseason). The Rangers were awarded the O'Brien Cup for being the runners-up. The trophy had originally been the National Hockey Association's championship cup, but was being used as the 2nd place award in the NHL. The O'Brien Cup was retired from presentation after the 1950 season.

Slowinski retired from the game after the 57/58 season and  was selected to be an Honoured Member of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame in 1985. Ed "Eddie" Slowinski passed away in 1999.

This card is in really nice shape. As with most of my Parkies, it has no residue or creases. The centering is decent and I'm more than happy with the quality of the corners. The only hiccup was the price paid. I normally have been chasing cards when they are sub-$20cdn. This one ended up being $33 after the currency conversion. Not the end of the world - I'm more happy to add to the collection.

Current Collection - 29 cards

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