Sunday, January 29, 2023


I'm on a roll this month. I can't remember the last time I blogged this much. Not sure if this will be a sign of things to come...but I'm just going to enjoy it while it feels right.

More from my start-of-the-year COMC mailday. This time, we focus on my "other" player collection - Oscar Gamble.

I'll state it yet again...this is one of the most fun PC's I have. Not a burden on my wallet at all, not many cards to chase overall and I can't help but smile when I see his mug on a card.

Simple reasons...that's what I love about this hobby.

These pickups are mostly of the O-Pee-Chee variety - a real callback to my youth when I did actually rip open baseball packs during the summer. Those were the days.

1983 O-Pee-Chee
#19 Oscar Gamble

If there was a year that really epitomized my card collecting hobby as a kid, it might be 1983. I probably opened more hockey packs that year than ever (I only started collecting in 1980), The 83 set was my first complete set build (I still remember the wooden box I kept my cards in) and I was opening a lot more baseball cards in the summer too. I was even buying non-sports like Gremlins, E.T. and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I couldn't get enough cardboard.

This 83 set was my favourite of all the baseball sets produced that decade. I loved the dual photos and was completely enamoured by all the stats on the backs of the cards. They also had those cool "Then and Now" Super Veteran cards which I thought were pretty sweet (I can still see the Kent Tekulve with the pillbox cap and shades).

I probably had a copy or two of this Oscar Gamble card back in the day, but had no idea of the level of coolness he exuded at the time. I think Gary Carter was my guy back then. Nice to add this to the PC. Brought back great memories.

1974 O-Pee-Chee
#152 Oscar Gamble

This might look like just a regular baseball card. Simple pose...not much there. But take a closer look.

I see some pretty cool uniform details, love the logo on the cap, a precursor to the iconic afro photo to come the next season, blue sky and look at that field in the background. Love it.

Another OPC offering that I'm glad to cross off.

1973 O-Pee-Chee
#372 Oscar Gamble

This is a fun year for baseball card photography. A lot of wider shots that show more of the play (is that a curse or a paradise for the cameo cards?). 

I love the dust flying up from what looks like second base as Oscar slides in - surely safe. Love that the batting helmet is nowhere close to be seen - showing off Oscar epic 'fro.

The card might be a little off-centre, so maybe an upgrade is in order down the road. But for now, I'm really pleased with this addition.

1974 Topps Stamps
connected block of 12

This sheet of stamps has been sitting on COMC for a while. I already have the single stamp of Oscar, so I was debating whether or not to pick this sheet up. I decided to go for it since the centering on the Gamble stamp is really good. 

Might be a selection that gets separated from his brothers down the road. We'll see.

Again, check out that's so iconic.

But my appreciation for Oscar Gamble goes far beyond his hairdo. He was a really good ballplayer and seemed to have a real positive approach to the game. I don't ever remember him playing (I was 12 by the time he was out of the game) but enjoy checking out highlights anytime his name is mentioned in the description.

As I was putting these cards into their appropriate box in my closet, I was checking out the full Oscar collection. I now have over 100 Oscar Gamble cards (closer to 125 with the oversized and oddball stuff) but 100 legit 2.5x3.5 cards. I thought that was pretty cool. There are still less than 200 cards on my master I'm doing well. 

Maybe I'll pick up a few more cards on my next COMC pass.


  1. Collectors love him. I'm shocked he doesn't have more cards out there to collect. Congratulations on reaching 100.

    1. 2016 was a good year for some releases, but not much other than buyback stamped cards over the past decade.