Sunday, February 26, 2023


Have you ever had that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for cards of your player that are about to be released into the hobby world? Seeing some prototype images or mock-ups of designs? A taste of the actual card you'll be chasing?

That's been my month...and I am really looking forward to some of the spring chases to come.

If you've been following the blog for years now, you'll know that I am a die-hard Linden collector. He's been the mainstay of my hobby for decades. And while I don't pursue like I used to, there is always an interest and an attempt to keep my finger on the pulse of what is about to be released.

So much so, that I have found real enjoyment in building and maintaining my Linden Master List (which now sits at over 2500 unique cards). I enjoy adding new rows, new products, new cards to chase. I do my best to be thorough and complete - always looking for more information (especially on older products).

This morning, I updated my list and noticed just how much Trev has been in recent products. Since the 2019-20 season, he has had almost 150 unique cards be released (impressive for a non-superstar player who has been retired for almost 15 years). He's been in over two dozen product releases - which I find amazing. Clearly there is still some draw to him in the hobby world.

But there are two specific products that have me really the point where I thought I'd share my excitement.

Note....this is not my card. :)

2020/21 Upper Deck The Cup
MP-TL Monumental Patch/Auto  1/1

Yeah...let's start with a bang. I was absolutely floored when I was texted this image. Never would I have expected Linden to get the Monumental Patch booklet treatment. But here it is - in the most expensive hockey product Upper Deck produces.

I've already been asked what my "number" is on it. I can say with strong certainty that I'm out on this one. The mixture of inflated secondary prices in the hobby, rabid collectors and investors chasing giant cards along with my more relaxed approach to securing the big ticket items (and probable undervaluing of the item itself) has me feeling like this one will never come my way.

But you never know.

It could be pulled locally. I could win the lottery. Somebody could just send it to me in the mail...right?Stranger things have happened.

When I saw this booklet, I immediately thought about the "pinnacle card" in my Linden PC...and how much I paid for it. I can say confidently that this new gem will surpass that in price. I'm betting it'll be the most expensive Linden card ever.

I look forward to seeing where it lands. Hopefully, one day, I get a chance to see it in person. It's an exciting piece to be sure.

Now, on to a product that has me drooling...and with multiple Linden cards that (I hope) land a little more in my price range.

Again...these are not my cards (just mock-ups from the product release sheet).

2020/21 Upper Deck SP Signature Legends
Gold Spectrum Foil Auto

Upper Deck is pumping out a Legends product - and it looks loaded! Linden has 6 unique cards in the release and I am on cloud nine.

He has a base card (part of a 300-card checklist with another 50 SP base cards), a gold parallel, a gold spectrum foil auto (like the example above). Just those three cards would have me happy enough.

But there's more.

2020/21 Upper Deck SP Signature Legends
Decagons Gold Auto

He's in the Decagons insert set (with a regular card and a gold auto - like the example above). Another 100-card set full of icons. 

I love that these are die-cut cards (Linden doesn't have many of those...I should do a post on that). A real throwback feel to the shiny cards of the 90's.

2020/21 Upper Deck SP Signature Legends
All-Time Future Watch Auto  /199

Out of all of the new cards though, this is the one that gives me goosebumps. 

This 101-card Future Watch auto set will undoubtedly be the most sought after auto set - likely of all time. The checklist is nothing short of amazing. Hall Of Famers everywhere. Some cards will be out of 199, some out of 99 and the tough ones out of 49. Set builders...get ready.

I am really taken by the design of these cards. The white really makes that cutout image pop. I hope the Linden photo is one I've never seen before. 

I'm still in awe that Trev is a part of this product. I'm seriously considering opening a couple boxes (if I can find them...looks like the pre-order is crazy popular).

I love that there never seems to be a shortage of new hockey card releases that gets me excited. I feel the same way when I see a fresh card image I've not seen pop up on ebay. It's one of the best parts of having a player PC...uncovering new treasures.

Let's keep the momentum going and have a great collecting year.


  1. Holy moly... that Linden card is sweet. Hope one day it just shows up in your mailbox.

  2. Best of luck with the new releases. Hoping for some nice Linden cards heading your way soon!