Saturday, October 31, 2020

MY COLLECTION - Where Things Are Sitting These Days

Wow.  I won't lie......this feels a little foreign.

For the past 2-3 years, my focus on hockey card blogging has drifted.  It's not that I don't have a lot to say...I just am trying to wrap my head around what it is I'd like to do with my time in this hobby, what I'd like to do with my writing, and (in a bigger sense) what I'd like to do career-wise.

It's a rare Saturday afternoon where I don't have something staring at me on the plate.  I don't have to go into work, I've not set up any plans with people today and I don't have any huge tasks that need immediate attention.

Now don't get me wrong - I've got dozens of things that I need to do.  But this afternoon I am taking some time to recharge the batteries.  It's been a long, challenging year.

So what did I do for an hour or so today?  Opened hockey and baseball packs - digitally.

Yup......I've been converted.

A few years ago I was flip-flopping at the thought of digital trading cards and I can honestly say that these days it has become a daily ritual.  I enjoy the few moments where I go, open a couple of digital packs and enjoy collecting.

The baseball front has really appealed to me due to the way they present their sets and products.  It's so well put together for those wanting to build base sets.  I'm having a lot of fun opening packs and even trading to complete my sets.  I am hoping they do something similar on the hockey front.

So do I normally spend an hour at a time on the apps?  No.

Today, I discovered that Trevor Linden has yet another digital card - three new ones actually.  The chase, was once again on.

But let's step back for a second.  I had hunted and traded for the six Linden offerings that were available when I joined Topps Skate!  It took a while, but it was a lot of fun.  And it was that stretch of time that I really became enamoured with digital trading cards.

2017/18 Topps Skate!
#18 Alumni Chase Signature

The final card of the six was a Linden "autograph".  Landing that card really gave me the same type of feeling that could come from a big ebay win or a sweet find at the local show.  And I was very aware of that feeling.  

As I mentioned, Topps Bunt really has impressed me with it's depth, organization and just simply gorgeous looking cards. 

Of course, it helps when you open packs that have these inside them...

Amazing.  And hopefully good tradebait.  Back to Linden now.

Today, I learned of new Linden cards to add to the wantlist (and they are full-blown, legit additions to the list).  I've already landed the regular version in a trade...

2019/20 Topps Skate!
#4 Five Star Dual Signatures (with Bo Horvat)

What can I say.  It's a nice card.  If only with it existed in real life.  It would arguably be one of the top pieces of cardboard for me to chase in the 2019/20 product release season.

There's a gold version /25 and a Superfractor 1/1 (Linden's first digital 1/1).

I'm kind of snickering right now at the thought of what I've written.  I never would have imagined that digital trading cards would have made me come out of the shell for a few minutes on a fall afternoon...but it did.

And it feels good.

Happy Halloween everyone.


  1. I'm clueless when it comes to digital cards. Just curious... are there real copies of these cards that you can redeem in Topps Bunt? If not, does someone actually have a shot at pulling that Tatis out of a Tier One pack? That thing is awesome.

    1. I am not too well versed when it comes to the digital cards. I think for these Topps Bunt cards, they are strictly digital...although some sets have their real-life counterpart (like Heritage or Archives, etc). Those base cards I think look exactly the same. But you can’t trade these in for physical copies.

      Not sure if that Tatis card is available for real....but boy would it ever be sweet if it was. My jaw dropped when the digital wrapper opened on that one.

    2. Any of these digital pulls would be insane pulls if you found them in a real box. And even thought these are digital... it's still cool that you pulled a Trout patch and that insane Tatis.

  2. Glad to see there are at least some new digital Linden cards out there for you to chase. I don't think I've seen him in any of the recent UD releases of physical cards.

    While I'm not huge into the digital stuff, Topps does have some killer designs. They would look awesome if they actually existed.

    1. Very few physical cards of his being released these days. He has a Black Diamond jumbo logo, a crapload of UD 30th anniversary 1/1s and is in a couple Leaf products. Not much that has me jumpin' these days. But that's ok......keeps me going at a nice pace these days.

      Some of the Topps designs (especially on the baseball side) would look killer if they were actual, physical baseball cards. They look sharp.